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Speeki: Governance and Compliance platform for business

Meet compliance regulations and streamline all your compliance awareness and reporting needs into an easy, efficient and tailored process

Simple Compliance Reporting
Combine all your messages into one user-friendly and secure platform.
Insightful Stakeholder Engagement
Engage your employees and other stakeholders to source honest and insightful feedback.
Customer Success Concierge
Our customer success team is tasked with ensuring that every customer, every time has an exemplary experience with Speeki.
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Who we are

  • Long history in this space
    With experience brought in by our founder being an ex-in-house counsel and compliance officer, and having founded and managed one of the most successful compliance companies globally, we understand precisely how to build and implement an ethical compliance program that is effective and engaging.
  • Keeping things focused at Speeki
    With our strong compliance and technology background, we have built several solutions in the compliance space. Our focus is simple: we build simple and secure businesses tools using the latest technology available to engage stakeholders and produce a far better product at a lower cost.
  • We are customer focused and engaged in your success
    We want you to be successful and we want you to use Speeki platform to engage with your employees and provide far more that just a 'hotline'. We are very  focused on ensuring customer satisfaction with Speeki.
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We are exited to invite you to join us. Especially if you are open minded, have whatever it takes mindset, have the 'fix-it' attitude, then you are more than welcome to join our family.
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