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Speeki: Governance and Compliance platform for business

Meet compliance regulations and streamline all your compliance awareness and reporting needs into an easy, efficient and tailored process

Simple Compliance Reporting
Combine all your messages into one user-friendly and secure platform.
Insightful Stakeholder Engagement
Engage your employees and other stakeholders to source honest and insightful feedback.
Customer Success Concierge
Our customer success team is tasked with ensuring that every customer, every time has an exemplary experience with Speeki.

Who we are

  • Long history in this space
    With experience brought in by our founder being an ex-in-house counsel and compliance officer, and having founded and managed one of the most successful compliance companies globally, we understand precisely how to build and implement an ethical compliance program that is effective and engaging.
  • Keeping things focused at Speeki
    With our strong compliance and technology background, we have built several solutions in the compliance space. Our focus is simple: we build simple and secure businesses tools using the latest technology available to engage stakeholders and produce a far better product at a lower cost.
  • We are customer focused and engaged in your success
    We want you to be successful and we want you to use Speeki platform to engage with your employees and provide far more that just a 'hotline'. We are very  focused on ensuring customer satisfaction with Speeki.

Speeki's History

January 2016
Speeki, or, IntegraCall, as it was known at the time came to life as part of a ‘Labs’ concept, where a select group of people got together on a separate floor of our building and started developing ideas around compliance technology and leading edge solutions. After many ideas being tossed around, the idea of building a ‘hotline’ was proposed.  

At the time, the feedback from the market was that the incumbent providers were undergoing significant change, consolidation and this created an upheaval in the market.  The idea was pushed by clients to build a better solution.  In short, our clients demanded that we build a better solution.

February 2016
After briefing management, then the Product Director, Jenna Kim was given the direction from our CEO, Scott Lane, that ‘if you can build a truly innovative solution that changes the market and brings in new technologies, then I will support it. Oh, we are also not building a call centre, so rule that out!’. Faced with those marching orders, Jenna Kim supported by some outside IBM partners to work on building the first prototype.
Scott Lane

If you can build a truly innovative solution that changes the market and brings in new technologies, then I will support it. Oh, we are also not building a call centre, so rule that out!.”

Scott Lane, the founder and CEO of Speeki.

May 2016
In May 2016, we had the first prototype of the App and the basic ideas for a case management system, originally built as a module of a large system.  

It was looking great and a real opportunity to leverage the technologies provided by IBM Watson to build in some of the key things that the industry needed.  A digital assistant, automated translations and leveraging new API technologies to shift information across systems.

mobile app
January 2018
👏️ first client
Our first client was signed up to use the service.  A subsidiary of a major Top 10 global company. 🎉
September 2019
We created IntegraCall Pte Ltd and started to move this product into its own entity based in Singapore.  

Mike, Paula and the teams continue to support the product and its growing customer base, supported by Lindy Palmberg, one of our expert implementation team members in the USA.

Speeki and IntegraCall App
May 2020
We kicked off the development of major upgrades to the App and case manager platform using Paula and our team in Poland in mid-2020.

These changes were to make the case manager even more customisable and changing the App to be more flexible and configurable from a client perspective. The new developments being released in 2020 and 2021 will substantially upgrade the App and the whole platform to be more AI driven and more robust.

speeki mobile app ui
June 2020
In mid-2020, we formally moved out the business to place it under IntegraCall Pte Limited and changed its ownership to be under Compliance Ventures, a newly formed investment group of our Founder Scott Lane.  

After the sale of some of Scott’s other compliance related businesses (those involved in enhanced research based due diligence), the team stayed intact and Mike, Paula, Jenna and Lindy, and Scott moved across to IntegraCall and its entities.

Speeki whistleblowing reporting portal
October 2020
🚀 SPEEKI launcheD
From October 2020, we started to rename the business Speeki.

The name change was a part refresh and part relaunch of the business after its new ownership.  While the team remains the same, (although being expanded), the Speeki solution is still based on the original Platform.  We are excited to develop the new branding and the new approaches to build out the Platform even more.

Speeki works on multiple interface.
The future
The future is to expand Speeki to be a truly AI driven digital assistance to take over all routine compliance functions in a company.  Utilising advanced Ai and machine learning, our digital assistant, Nicole will be at the heart of our new development.

To learn about Nicole and Speeki's Governance and Compliance Products and Services, speak to one of our sales.

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