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Set up, implementation and training

  • While the set up is pretty straightforward, if this is the first time you are implementing a platform to manage reports from stakeholder and reporter (whistleblowers), you may require some help.
  • We have a standard package to help you get started and then if you need more time from one of our implementation experts, we can charge that separately.
  • Our charges for this service are hourly or fixed price based on scope.
speeki implementation
We help you with

Setting up the policies, procedures and structure around your Platform

Program development, policy and procedures, controls, awareness, training, brochures, reviews and measurement.
Depending on the size and complexity of your business, you will need a proper whistleblower program which sets out all the rules, documentation, processes and systems to manage such a program.
Our consulting team can manage this for you and build it from scratch (using our templates) or we can edit the procedures that you already have. Our charges for this service are hourly or fixed price based on scope.
speeki onboarding
speeki triage service
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Manage the entire process to triage reviews and investigations

When you get an issue that comes into your platform, you need someone to review it, triage it and then possibly investigate it.
We have a team and resources to manage your platform as a managed service and also support the investigations.
Our charges for managed services is a fixed monthly fee and our charges for investigations can be scoped and priced separately.

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