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Demonstrate the value of your ESG through structured reporting

ESG Reporting obligationESG Reporting obligation

Everyone wants to know how you are doing on your ESG initiatives. You get to decide how to communicate your results.

More and more laws and regulations are being created that require companies to report out their ESG results. Some of these are optional and some are mandatory. The formats are different in different countries and lead to a confusing set of reports.

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Case Study

Speeki is now working with clients to help with the burden of reporting. We do the heavy lifting in producing high quality reports to authorities or stakeholders as required by your policies or local laws.

We have the ability to produce high quality text and images to present a solid picture of your ESG efforts. These can be in the form of ‘annual report’ style documents or a government form required by law. Our focus is to help take the burden off you and leverage our skills to present the best solution to your stakeholders.


Removing some of the stress and burden from your team

High quality text and graphics add significantly to the quality of your reports

We track deadlines and meet the requirements of your stakeholders or local laws

Situation or challenge

Our clients around the world are having to report out various elements of their ESG programmes. From human trafficking statements to statistics on climate change, there is no end to the amount of reporting, and it is only likely to increase as more and more laws are passed that drive transparency and reporting.


Using much of the data that comes from the Speeki Platform (if used by our clients) and supplemented with other data from other systems, interviews, tools or investigations, we work on preparing the reporting that is needed for your stakeholder reporting. The reporting type, style, content and format will depend on your needs, and we will tailor our service to be the resource to produce and file your content.


Our clients can not only dramatically improve both the style and format of their reporting, but also improve the quality of their report content. Our service will save you time, hassle and worry about meeting deadlines and constantly being across the issues that need to be reported.

* We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've masked or changed their names, the results are real.

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