Ethics and Compliance

The foundation of Speeki

Our ethics and compliance principles and standards affirm our commitment to corporate responsibility. We commit to conducting business with the highest levels of integrity and we require the strongest adherence to compliance and corporate governance. We maintain this stance no matter where we are operating.
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“Our approach is always conservative, always errs on the side of ‘doing the right thing’, even if it means that the company or its investors end up worse off than simply following the law and doing strictly what is expected. We will always take the view that running a business with integrity is in our soul; it is embedded in our products and it is the very basis of our existence.”
Scott A. Lane
CEO, Speeki
Scott Lane

Our three commitments

Speeki bases its ethics and compliance policy on three simple and specific actionable principles.

To act in accordance with laws and regulations

Our employees must in all circumstances observe international, federal, national and local laws and the professional codes of practice applicable to their activities.


To act with integrity, honesty and transparency

Speeki's reputation for honesty and integrity is paramount and must be protected at all costs. It is our policy to carry out our business ethically.


To respect others as you want to be respected

Respect for human rights is a fundamental value of Speeki. We value and advance the diversity and inclusion of the people with whom we work.

Our Code of Conduct and guidelines

At Speeki, we make every effort to always act in accordance with all regulations in force and according to the rules and guiding principles set out in our Code of Conduct and policies. The Code defines Speeki's ethics principles and ethics governance system, setting out the rules and guidelines around our day-to-day approach and behaviour. The Code applies to everyone that does business with Speeki. It is what we do when no one is looking.
It is more than just words; it is what we believe.

Compliance reporting at Speeki

At Speeki, we use Speeki Messaging tools to manage our own compliance reporting. Any party can report suspected policy violations through Speeki's App (iOS, Android) or via

Compliance governance at Speeki

With Speeki Survey tools, employees have the opportunity to disclose conflicts of interest and declare gift, travel and entertainment (GTE) expenses.

Compliance training at Speeki

Speeki's own employees use the real-life training scenarios in Speeki Learning. This equips them with a sense of complying to laws and regulations and teaches them to act ethically and honestly when conducting business.