Speak up freely.

Employees and stakeholders can securely and easily share feedback to the company's ESG platform with the Speeki app. Contribute your information regarding environmental, social, and governance issues, and protect the environment or the community.

Alternatively, use this link to download and install APK file if you don't have Google Play Store access on your Android device.

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Speeki app
Speeki app

Key benefits of the Speeki app

Easy to share information

Any employee or company stakeholder can report a concern or share information with their employer.

It's safe to use

A user can start without registering or with a registration process. As a registered user, you can choose whether to disclose information while reporting or remain anonymous.

All conversations in one app

Keep track of your report or document progress, chat conversations, and submitted evidence in one place.

Push notifications

A registered reporter will never miss an update. Reporters receive instant updates regarding their cases, as well as chat messages from employers.

Privacy compliance

The Speeki app complies with data privacy regulations. The app helps users understand the purpose and use of personal data collection as part of our general practice. Additionally, the user can delete their profile in the app.

Multilingual support

The Speeki app is available in any language and in any country. Start reporting in your preferred language. When your employer sends you a message in English, the app will automatically convert it to the language you prefer.

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