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Global Partnership Programme

A partnership with Speeki can help you expand your business while enabling your customers to also grow their own. Speeki’s stakeholder engagement and compliance reporting platform provides you with greater insights than traditional platforms and approaches, allowing you to address any gaps and in turn create further service opportunities. Whether you are in professional services or a professional body, Speeki’s platform will enable your customers to gain a better insight into how their compliance programmes are performing.
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Accelerate the growth of your business

Speeki engages all relevant stakeholders and gives them a voice, enabling your customers to gain invaluable insights that should lead to more cases and effective growth opportunities.
  • Expand your service opportunities
    Speeki’s platform allows you to expand your touchpoints with clients and their stakeholders to better understand their needs and concerns.
  • Technology-driven
    Speeki uses the leading technologies in the world, enabling you to have a solid partner for the future.
  • Stay ahead of the compliance curve
    In addition to our platform, we have strong domain expertise that you can share with your clients and members.
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Choose from three tiers of partnerships

Interacting with customers, suppliers, or third parties would put a company at risk if a system were not in place to manage the pre-approval of expenses associated with gifts, travel and entertainment.


If your primary business model complements ours, become a referral partner and propose our services to mutual customers.



If you are a consultant or professional services provider, we can work together in expanding and enhancing your services.



If your primary business model is to deliver professional services to your customers, enjoy a visible presence within our platform to promote your expertise and services.

How we support and invest in you

We base our business on delivering positive partnerships and a dedicated commitment that defines our investments with our partners. From marketing support to training and thought leadership resources, we want to support you in every way possible.  
Sales and marketing support
Implementation support
Access to partner portal
Partnership newsletter
Annual partner summit
Shared content and webinars
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Why work with us?

Your trusted advisor
We are a trusted advisor in compliance with leading domain expertise.
International support
We have a global team across Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States.
Technology driven
We use leading technology such as IBM Watson and Google to ensure we stay ahead of the curve.
Local and global
We can help to grow your business locally or across multiple regions.
We are always around
We demonstrate our commitment with 24/7 customer support.
Integrity is everything
We honour strong codes of integrity within our company.

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