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Speeki® makes whistleblowing reporting and management simple and engaging

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nicole is speeki's digital compliance officer
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Meet Nicole - the AI compliance officer

Let our virtual agent Nicole seamlessly guide you through all compliance reporting procedures
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  • It's human friendly
    Prolonged reporting is shown to discourage the initiative. Guided by Nicole, whistleblowers enjoy a quick reporting process that lessens embarrassment and guilt.
  • Multilingual support
    Over 100 languages available, instantly translated to help stakeholders understand the intake questions.
  • Powered by IBM Watson
    Speeki® is a virtual agent powered by IBM Watson that interacts with whistleblowers and guides reporters through completing reports.
  • No waiting in line
    Unlike traditional call centres with limited operators and long wait times, get right to it with instant connection to Speeki®.

Designed to be effortless and efficient

Follow up on all incoming reports and send feedback instantly for effective management.
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Improve organisation
Our dashboard and filters visualizes tasks to help case owners more easily organise, filter, and prioritise reports.
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We provide a multitude of automation features to help your team get things done faster and with less effort
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Simple visualisation
A single module to manage files and audit trail, allowing the team to collaborate and learn more about the activities on the report.
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Even if the team is not familiar with whistleblower legislation, you can set up guidance to ensure your team is informed and to prevent oversights and mistakes in the process.
Quality guaranteed
Human agents with less experience are prone to error, biases, or may simply miss out on capturing all relevant information. With the chatbot, the interview process is handled in a consistent and professional manner, always.
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Action tracking
Speeki Secure Messaging Centre allows you to easily track all actions for easy case management and effective follow up.
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Fast deployment
Setting up traditional compliance hotlines can take weeks or months. Get setup with us in just a few hours.
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Save cost
Skip over the costs of hiring a dedicated project manager, training operators, and maintaining a call center. We’ve got all of this covered

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A flexible solution tailored to the needs of your company
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Working with stakeholders

We use an engaging, user-friendly platform to help you gain feedback from your stakeholders, identify areas of opportunity, and improve your work culture.

For Case Owners

  • Assign report manually, or through automation.
  • Get notified when a new report arrives or has an update.
  • Deliver feedback instantly to the reporter.


  • Easily create, log and manage investigation activities.
  • Get notified when a new report arrives or has an update.
  • Deliver feedback instantly to the reporter.
case owner

For Reporter

  • Speak up safely and anonymously.
  • Share information instantly and communicate with case owners.
  • Track reports and send instant messages straight from your device.

Security and privacy

It's a safe space, literally. At Speeki, we put your data and privacy at first. The application is designed to enable you to meet compliance standards. Your data remains secure through encryption in transit and at rest.

Secure by Design
Data is encrypted in transit and at rest
Data is transmitted from reporter's device via HTTPS
Encrypted with ultra-secure cipher: AES-256
ISO 27001 best practices are adopted to operate the platform and support customers
Complies with the GDPR
Support anonymous reporting and anonymous chat