Speeki and Sharpe Workplace Solutions announce a strategic partnership

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Speeki and Sharpe Workplace Solutions announce a strategic partnership

Australia, 26 October 2021 | Speeki, a leading international provider of whistleblower reporting and compliance solutions, today announced a new strategic partnership with Sharpe Workplace Solutions, a consultancy firm that specialises in providing expert advice on industrial relations and human resources across Australia and New Zealand.

As technology increasingly plays an essential role in encouraging employees to speak up and report wrongdoing or voice their concerns, organisations realise that they must harness new ways to give employees a voice and allow the organisation to ‘hear all voices’.

Businesses across Australia and New Zealand are now looking for effective, digital and independent solutions to give employees the ability to report matters about misconduct, safety or employment concerns through their mobile devices, securely and anonymously if they prefer. A new generation of workers also demands that they can use digital tools to engage with executives at the company to report issues, have secure dialogue and voice their concerns.

The Speeki–Sharpe Workplace Solutions partnership will bring together Speeki’s vast experience in building and deploying whistleblower reporting and compliance software around the world and Sharpe Workplace Solutions’ leading consulting and investigations practice to support companies to build whistleblowing programmes and provide clients with triage and investigation help when required.

‘Speeki is all about giving employees a voice. We believe that employees should feel safe to report matters to their employer by using the secure and anonymous Speeki App directly from their smartphones,’ said Scott Lane, CEO at Speeki. ‘The Speeki Platform gives clients access to key governance and compliance applications to use and implement throughout their organisations to build cultures of compliance and engage employees to build better businesses. Organisations that build a culture of compliance and integrity and engage their employees with a shared set of values perform better. It is as simple as that.’

'Managing complaints in the workplace have become an arduous and challenging task for many organisations' said Jay Sharpe, Director at Sharpe Workplace Solutions. 'Our partnership with Speeki allows organisations across Australia and New Zealand access to a platform that is a necessary tool for businesses struggling to properly manage their workplace complaints. The Speeki platform is a must for all organisations and combined with our Grievance Management Framework, this program allows businesses to identify, track and manage multiple allegation types at the same time. This partnership with Speeki will enable us to provide another valuable tool to businesses as part of our expert workplace investigation and dispute resolution services.'

Speeki and Sharpe Workplace Solutions are excited about this partnership and the benefits it will bring to current and future customers.

Want to find out more? Contact Andrew Goy at andrew.goy@speeki.com for more information on Speeki’s partnership programme. 

About Speeki

The Speeki Platform and Speeki App enable businesses to automate manual compliance practices using app-first, AI-driven technology. At Speeki, we believe that companies should ‘hear all voices’ and the Speeki App gives employees a secure and safe way to report matters to management (even anonymously, if necessary).

Using Speeki’s digital compliance officer, Nicole, the Speeki App helps every employee or business partner report issues in their own language, complete conflict declarations and ethics surveys, access codes of conduct and policies, and apply for various compliance approvals right from their phones.

The SaaS-based Speeki Platform allows HR, legal, compliance and other executives to manage issues, conduct reviews, engage with reporters and conduct follow-up investigations in a secure workplace and case management centre.

Speeki® – take no chances, hear all voices.

About Sharpe Workplace Solutions

Sharpe Workplace Solutions (SWS) is a leading-edge consultancy firm providing real-world solutions to problems in the human resources and industrial relations space. Founded in 2004 in Australia, SWS has vast experience and expertise in helping organisations – both public and private – solve many different workplace issues and protect their businesses. SWS has built a strong reputation nationally, helping organisations to manage workplace risks by providing expert advice or representing them through complex litigation and conciliation through to providing proactive workforce measures to get them on the front foot and prevent unnecessary disputes.

For more information, contact us here.

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