Gap Analysis and Programme Development

Closing the “say-do” gap

Knowing your gaps is the first step in starting to bridge them

If you want to fix one of your risk areas, then you need to know two key things. Firstly, you need to know the ‘end game’ and what you are aiming for, and secondly, you need to know where you are now. The gap is what you need to focus on and where you need to spend your time.

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Case Study

From Good to Great. The movement of a ‘compliance programme’ on anti-bribery to an ‘anti-bribery management system’ means a gap analysis was essential for a client to focus on how to move from good to great on their journey of constant improvement.

Wanting to comply with an ISO Standard, like the ISO 37001, means you need to build an anti-bribery management system. In many situations, companies have a ‘compliance programme’ focusing on anti-bribery and need to ‘migrate’ or, perhaps, ‘upgrade’, to a full anti-bribery management system.


A gap analysis gives a great set of actions for improvement

Clear directions from experts on how to bridge the gap

Recommendations to take you from good to great

Situation or challenge

Our client operates a strong compliance program covering anti-bribery risks; however, the client was keen to become certified under the ISO 37001 Standard. To do this meant their compliance programme needed to be upgraded to a ‘management system’, and they needed a gap analysis and some directions.


Our solution was to conduct a gap analysis between ISO 37001 and their existing compliance programme. We provided the client with a clear map on how to proceed and where to focus their resources to achieve their goal of a new management system.


The resulting report gave the client a step-by-step way to bridge the gap between an existing programme and one that is certifiable under the ISO standard. A clear set of steps was important to leverage all the work they have done to date on building a strong programme and craft a set of steps to move into a new system. The new management system would embed the anti-bribery programme and allow the client to achieve a stronger system that added greater value to the business.

* We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've masked or changed their names, the results are real.