Gap Analysis and Programme Development

Closing the “say-do” gap

Collate, measure, act

Companies often set out an ESG objective and implement strategies to achieve it, but success is never as easy as it sometimes looks. Speeki offers a variety of solutions to review a particular ESG risk area to help organisations lessen the divide between their objectives and their current status.

What is included in Gap Analysis and Programme Development

Gap Analysis

  • Conflicts of Interest disclosures

  • Harassment, Discrimination and Workplace Practices

  • Whistleblower Programmes

  • Bribery and Corruption

  • Governance and Compliance Practices

Programme Development

  • Supply Chain Due Diligence

  • Whistleblowing and misconduct reporting

  • Human Trafficking and Human Rights in the Workplace

  • Transparency

The outcome

  • Resiliency gap closed via Speeki’s transformation of how information is reviewed, analysed, and gaps identified.

  • Insights provided to all levels of the organisation so that different gaps can be addressed, from high-level viewpoints to detailed root cause perspectives.

  • Improved understanding of complex issues with confidence through Speeki’s highly experienced consultants and programme experts.

The benefits

Thoroughly understand the present

Pinpoint all essential data about your initiatives to form a comprehensive picture of what needs to be improved and how.

Simplify effecting change

Focus on areas for improvement with clear recommended actions whilst sustaining those programmes that are operating smoothly.

Leap forward dynamically

Move closer to attaining your ESG objectives, or set new ESG goals surpassing previous achievements.

Speeki Gap Analysis and Programme Development features

  • Professional reports and recommended actions

    Delivered by a leader in compliance and governance auditing for twenty years.

  • Customer success concierge

    Speeki’s customer success team aims to ensure that every customer, every time, has an exemplary experience with Speeki.

  • Multiple language support

    Reviews can be completed in multiple countries and multiple languages.

  • Clear improvement guidance

    Simplify and speed up improvement using Speeki’s clear directions and recommendations.

  • Time sensitive and fixed price

    Our projects are fixed price and generally fixed time for delivery wherever possible.


Speeki content experts conduct reviews, which typically involve several evaluations of materials and interviews of key executives. We examine key people, processes, cultures and overall objectives for your chosen risk areas and produce a report with recommendations for improvement.


Risk Areas addressed