Speeki Nicole

Meet Nicole –
our AI, human-friendly ESG officer

Secure, confidential, safe

Simplify and encourage speaking up

Powered by IBM Watson, Nicole is a sophisticated, interactive Artificial Intelligence well-versed in capturing essential information to help users answer all Reporting and Declare and Disclose questions. She will lead the user through all the compliance reporting processes.

Anonymise and protect users efficiently and effectively

Guided by virtual assistant Nicole, users will enjoy a quick reporting process that lessens embarrassment and guilt, whilst increasing comfort levels and ensuring that users are 100% anonymous if desired. All voice calls are re-voiced by Nicole before submission.

Assure users they have been heard

Reporters can follow up on their reports by using a Case ID and PIN code through the Speeki App or a Web portal. Users can see how their case is progressing, and where the user has not requested anonymity, you can interact with them at any time through the app or the Web portal.

Collect stakeholder feedback in a consistent and professional manner


Over 100 languages ensure users can follow instructions and communicate effectively and comfortably in their own language.

Eliminate inconsistency

Human agents with less experience are prone to errors and biases, or may miss vital information. A chatbot provides consistent, error-free recordings.


Tailor the AI categories, introductory messages, and instructions for leaving reports to suit your needs.

We are focused on using advanced AI technology to help organisations build trust and increase stakeholder satisfaction through their ESG initiatives.