Declare and Disclose

Make declarations and disclosures a powerful tool for ESG management

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Having senior executives and management declare their financial interests, sales interests and disclose conflicts of interest online using simple tools saved time and money

It is everyday business life to have to declare and disclose certain matters in your business.  Declarations that you have recorded all expenses, that you have not brought forward revenue, that you have identified all claims against the company, are common, at least annually. Likewise disclosures of conflicts and other issues are also annual or sometimes quarterly, and often required by law or policy.

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Case Study

Requiring declarations on anti-corruption compliance is a requirement of ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems, and for some companies could require thousands of disclosures annually

Companies require lots of disclosures to be signed off before someone ‘up the chain’ will give their own declaration or disclosure, often to a government regulator, at risk of personal liability. Not surprisingly, few would give such a disclosure unless they were sure and had the ‘evidence’ from the teams below them that everything had been disclosed.


Minutes to set up and deploy

App ready and mobile-ready for quick submission and acceptance

Significant decrease in time and effort chasing disclosures

Situation or challenge

Our client takes anti-bribery and corruption matters seriously, and needed a tool to collect disclosures from executives and top management. These disclosures were required annually as part of their management system. Managing this on paper or without systems was a real pain point, and our tools inside the Speeki Platform could help make this process a breeze.


Our solution was to build disclosures as part of a package of solutions that the client purchased covering key risk areas. As part of that package, they were given access to pre-built templates that could be deployed through the Speeki Platform. These disclosure requests could be sent to partners, suppliers, employees, management or investors. The packaged solutions include ready-made templates ready for deployment.


The launch of declare and disclose tools within the Speeki Platform gave the client a much easier solution to manage disclosures and collect information. This data, together with other data collected through Speeki Signals, gives the client a much more holistic view of the programme according to each risk area that they observe and review. At some stage in the future with enough data, the system might even start to predict issues in advance.

* We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've masked or changed their names, the results are real.

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