Declare and Disclose

Add value and remove the pain of managing disclosures

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Speeki Declare and Disclose

Manage declaration and disclosure processes efficiently

Require advance approval to reduce the risk of improper payments

Employees may use Declare and Disclose to request advance approval for potentially infringing expenditure, such as client entertainment, allowing it to be reviewed at the appropriate level.

Use both push and pull disclosure options to gain maximum benefit

Disclosures may be prompted by the company through Speeki Messaging. Declarations may also be initiated internally to report the offer or solicitation of a bribe or other potentially damaging occurrences.

Track declarations with ease

Virtual assistant Nicole keeps tabs on all declarations as they cascade upwards through the company, creating a full audit trail.

Speeki Declare and Disclose

Address diverse types of ESG risk

Bribery and corruption

Disclosure of conflicts of interest.

Pre-approval of charitable donations.

Compliance management

Declaration of conformance with applicable ESG policies and standards.

Anti-money laundering

Confirm that a transaction is legitimate by disclosing the source of funds.

Reduce admin effort
Speeki Survey

Reduce administrative effort

Confirm employee or supplier acceptance of new policies and procedures

Use the Speeki Platform to obtain confirmations of employee or partner understanding and commitment to compliance with company requirements.

Automatic routing of declarations

Automatically route each type of declaration to the appropriate level for approval, investigation or further action.

Smooth workflow

Follow up all disclosure requests through the Speeki Platform to ensure timely completion. The use of digital signatures avoids unnecessary paperwork.

Speeki Survey

Convenience and flexibility to suit your disclosure needs

multilingual for survey

Freely defined content

Define surveys and request declarations for specific purposes.

Adaptable templates

Use predefined formats for common disclosure types.

Incorporated guidance

Include policies and instructions for completion of request forms.

Language options

Create forms in more than 100 languages using Speeki’s built-in translation function.

Supplementary information

Receive uploaded supporting materials, including receipts, with submissions.

Ready to use

Implement Speeki Declare and Disclose quickly with no complex setup requirements.

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