Start viewing ESG risks through a new lens

Technology takes on a world of intensified risk

Businesses have always faced risks, but in today’s more complex world they are increasingly assailed by them – not just traditional risks like economic fluctuations, wars, and labour unrest, but also novel ones for which organisations are often inadequately prepared. Natural risks, such as floods and earthquakes, pale in comparison to the systemic risk to the entire global ecosystem posed by the climate crisis, while the worst pandemic in a century has seen supply chains broken and entire economies effectively shut down for weeks on end.

Compounding this unprecedented onslaught of challenges are rising demands from consumers, investors and regulators to adhere to ever stricter standards of ethical behaviour and reporting in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) sphere. While these demands are intended to mitigate risks, inadvertent failure to respond can become another risk factor.

Speeki is a combination of an AI-driven software platform and smart supporting services which together redefine risk management – enhancing business resilience and boosting competitive advantage. The Speeki system is designed to help companies predict and mitigate risks in the ESG arena in order to fulfil their environmental, social and governance obligations more effectively and with less effort. At the core of Speeki’s methodology is a three-stage process.


Listen to all voices

Speeki collects data and information on your ESG risks from multiple sources.


Join the dots to reveal insights and predict issues

Speeki analyses these signals to identify risks and generate powerful insights.


Drive real change through action plans with impact

Speeki provides relevant actions for transformational improvement in your ESG.


of countries have adopted laws on personal privacy in last 5 years


rise in number of data breaches and data theft in last 2 years


growth in number of ISO Standards of governance and compliance in last 2 years


increase in typical anti-bribery fines in last 10 years


immediate drop of stock prices after a reputational crisis


rise in number of countries with whistleblowing legislation in last five years

Reimagine your ESG risk programme

Define your starting point

Every business is unique, but Speeki is designed to flexibly meet a wide universe of needs. To unlock the potential of Speeki, first identify which of its 19 defined ESG risk areas threatens your organisation.

Develop a clear strategy

Whatever system your company currently has in place, from a simple whistleblowing hotline to a sophisticated risk management system, Speeki can elevate your ESG risk programme to a higher level. Our experts will work with you to create a strategy and operationalised plan for deriving full benefit from Speeki’s unique capabilities.

Set up the Speeki Platform

Begin implementing Speeki for your chosen risk areas by installing the Speeki Platform*. Each Speeki solution includes a selection of appropriate tools and services, complemented by assistance in setting up the system and defining relevant parameters.

*Current Users of the Speeki Platform that only use the whistleblowing solutions will need a Platform upgrade to use some of the enhanced features to truly manage ESG risks.

Build on the legacy of the past

Speeki is designed for integration with MS Teams and other widely used apps. Our consultants will study your current systems to determine how your existing data can contribute to Speeki’s more comprehensive picture of the risks you face.

Prepare your team

Effective use of Speeki involves people throughout the organisation at multiple levels, particularly at the C-level and in dedicated compliance and ESG functions. We will help you to identify the “who” of your system, define their roles, and provide training in applicable risk areas and the use of the Speeki tools.

Step up to a new level of risk management

Having installed the Speeki system, defined your parameters, and prepared your staff, you are now ready to start benefiting from rich analytical insights into your ESG risks, together with easier ESG reporting. We are always on hand to provide ongoing support and guidance as needed.

Speeki – revolutionising ESG – more than just a rating for investment

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