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Incident reporting for ESG programmeIncident reporting for ESG programme

Integrity Circles are a great example of a conversation that builds trust, communicates messages and collects valuable data

Conversations are simple. Two people or a group getting together and communicating. The conversation can be informal, or structured, or part of a survey type solution with follow-up. Speeki offers several ways to build strong conversations with stakeholders. Most of the Speeki tools within the Speeki Platform have a conversations element, or, if you prefer, Integrity Circles offer a great workshop model.

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Case Study

Using small focus group sessions named Integrity Circles, we were able to hold small meetings globally to focus on how to improve the Integrity Programme within a global company

Our lead consultant helped a global mining company to organise and present at specialised ‘forums’, in this case called ‘Integrity Circles’, to build relationships with people in offices around the world and to educate people about the Integrity programme and raise awareness of key issues. The Integrity Circles were also used to build a feedback mechanism essential to ongoing improvement of their programme.


Rapport building with key stakeholders

Communications, training and feedback

Significant increase in engagement and understanding of integrity issues

Situation or challenge

The company was challenged with a large organisation that was spread around the world, with most of their teams in mining locations in remote areas. Faced with common integrity issues, it was important to start to create awareness and build up our understanding of integrity issues in the field and how the company’s programmes worked in that context.


Our solution was to build the concept of an ‘Integrity Circle’, and launch these in key markets around the world. We facilitated the dialogue in small groups of up to 10 people in each ‘circle’, to be small enough to have people openly talking about issues and not feeling constrained by a large group setting. We picked key issues that were affecting the region, and gathered guidance and feedback about the Integrity Programme and how to improve it to make it more useful for the region.


The knowledge of the integrity programme went up considerably across those that joined the ‘Integrity Circles’, and it gave the more remote offices an opportunity to suggest changes to the Integrity Programme to better suit their needs in their local environment. Trust was built through giving faces to names and also to better create more dialogue when faced with integrity issues. The initiative led to ‘integrity champions’ being appointed and growing the concept globally.

* We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've masked or changed their names, the results are real.

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