Incident reporting

Speeki helps you to receive feedback, guidance, and incidents about your business

Incident reporting for ESG programmeIncident reporting for ESG programme
Incident Reporting
Incident Reporting

Speeki helps you discover high-value knowledge through incident reports.

Building conversations that help extract vital information

We help you customise Speeki Conversations based on a detailed framework to create a range of variable conversation feedback paths. These feedback paths capture essential information in a human-like way to provide users with predefined options.

Kick off conversations with key stakeholders

We help you draft key messaging to generate dialogue and discussion with key stakeholders. It might be as simple as feedback on a policy or input on certain initiative. The tools are there to add value, collect data and make things very simple.

Gain new insights from analysis of conversations

Speeki analyses captured conversations, bringing out action points and hidden meanings. By cross-relating these with other captured signals such as those from social media, Speeki can often discern hidden connections for richer insights.

Incident Reporting

Easy to set up and

Straight forward installation and integration

Incident reporting is part of the Speeki Platform and is included in every subscription. Combined with the Speeki App, the platform is easy to configure and launch in a matter of days.

Frequently updated and improved

Speeki is updated regularly to enhance features and functionality and to bring to the platform additional tools to enhance your abilty to manage ESG programmes.

Leading technology and security

Speeki has been designed with security and data security in mind. It has been designed from the ground up with the latest techniques and advanced technology.

Incident reporting

Empower your stakeholders to tell you more

Let your employees speak anyway that they want and how they want

Give your employees a choice of communication tools – by either voice or text. The easier you make it for them, the more likely they are going to speak and give you information.

It is more than just technology, Speeki provides a total solution

Speeki is a global leader in building and developing whistleblower solutions. Technology is important but it is only a piece of the solution.

Build a speak up culture with Speeki

Speeki is focused on helping companies create a culture of speaking up and reporting issues using the Speeki platform tools.

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Speeki is not just a technology provider, we are experts in content and risk management

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