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Feedback is an essential element of your programme, and using Speeki collects that for you

If you are building any form of compliance programme, or programme to mitigate an ESG risk, you need feedback and guidance on what your stakeholders think about your efforts. We work with clients to think differently about how to monitor and measure their efforts as part of a programme approach to manage risk.

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Case Study

Monitoring and Measuring is key in any programme. Speeki has embedded tools to help gauge the sentiment, thoughts, feelings and emotions about your initiatives from your key stakeholders.

Our consulting team combined with the embedded tools inside Speeki to help companies create a ‘feedback loop’ across several risk areas to check in with employees about how the ESG implementation is being received and viewed. The easy and quick way to test sentiment gives great guidance without a long and painful survey process.


Rapid deployment, rapid results, rapid feedback

Prototyping feedback aids in quick design

Significant increase in employee feedback

Situation or challenge

Our client uses an annual ‘ethics survey’ as part of an overall survey system across the company. The survey limited its ‘ethics questions’ to a few questions, which simply wasn’t enough to cover the depth of issues and wasn't useful to the team other than as a high-level guide. The team wanted quick and easy ways to rapidly test the sentiment of what people thought about issues.


Our solution was to launch the Speeki Survey tool within the Speeki Platform to collect information or ‘Sentiments’ across key risk areas that the client was focused on. These quick surveys were used to check on the thoughts around a new policy, a new guidance, whether training was useful, whether a new initiative was a priority, or whether there was room for improvement on certain issues.


The guidance obtained meant the team could rapidly change and adjust as they went along in developing and issuing new initiatives.  With many teams now doing prototyping of initiatives and quick launches, they could gather feedback quickly and adjust without failing first and then having to rebuild at excessive cost and time.

* We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've masked or changed their names, the results are real.

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