More than just a survey tool, Speeki listens, observes and gives actionable data

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Gather ESG concerns from employees and stakeholders

Speeki Survey makes data collection simple and convenient

Customised configuration

Our form creator tool lets you select different question types and define properties such as question conditions, layout, and validation to let you easily develop and customise surveys that serve your unique challenges and needs.

Streamlined communications

Speeki Survey sits on top of our Speeki platform alongside our other tools built to support your ESG needs – making communication simple, flexible, and convenient for both you and your stakeholders.

Reduced effort

Make use of Speeki’s ready-to-use templates to efficiently create and deploy your surveys


Make it easy to respond to surveys right from the Speeki App

Survey questions answering on mobile

Mobile-ready for your users' convenience

Speeki is available on mobile for your users’ convenience. This allows your users to share their thoughts easily and efficiently by removing the friction of having to use the computer that may lead to lower participation rates, response delays, or lesser input.

Notify your users on new surveys and send reminders for unanswered ones

Enable better engagement with your stakeholders with notifications on new surveys received directly in their mobile apps. Speeki Survey also allows you to send reminders for any unanswered surveys to get the most out of your survey runs and help both your stakeholders and you speak out and hear all voices.

All Speeki tools in one mobile app

Speeki’s mobile app lets your users switch seamlessly between tools for deeper engagement. A user may answer a survey on anti-bribery and corruption then immediately recall and report an incident within the same area given the convenience of having your tools in one place.

Understand how people feel at scale

Understand how people feel – at scale

Run multiple surveys

Speeki allows surveys to be run in parallel. Address different concerns at the same time, or look at a single issue from different perspectives.

Target groups of any size

Surveys can be sent to as many as 10,000 respondents – and because Speeki collects and collates the results, human effort is minimised.

See the big picture – instantly

Follow up on progress through a real-time dashboard, enabling you to perform timely follow-ups with your audience, all in one place. Stay informed with instant notifications for efficient responses.

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