Speeki Fraud Investigation Triage Packages

Hire Speeki for triage & investigation management services

You need to be ready to handle the investigations once issues are raised through Speeki Messaging. But before the investigation comes the triage: a quick review to determine the approach to the investigation and to define the best way forward. Speeki offers its clients triage management services to help with triage where they need additional capacity or expertise.
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How our triage management services works

The Speeki Professional Services team gives you anti-corruption and anti-bribery investigation services that will help you with triage on a case-by-case basis when requested. Clients buy a package of triage sessions, and we use our expertise to provide some quick guidance on investigations strategy.

You receive a report and connect with us

Once you receive a whistleblower or compliance report, you can connect with our support team, who will jump on a call and have a triage session.


We hold a 30-minute triage session

The triage sessions will work through the whistleblower or compliance report received and discuss whether it is reasonable, sensible, valid, likely, and not spam. It will then look at the basics of how to investigate, what a team might look like, things to be sensitive about (location, issues, conflicts etc.) and give a short map forward.


You investigate and respond as appropriate

You can then follow the triage with an investigation strategy, developing the investigation path based on the agreed plan and your internal process.

Why use Speeki Professional Services for anti-bribery and anti-corruption triage & investigation help?

Investigations experience.
Practical and focused.

  • Investigations experience. We have the experience in conducting global investigations on a range of compliance and misconduct risk areas. We know how to do investigations on a budget, with a risk-focused mindset and with accuracy and precision.
  • Speed. We are quick to jump on a call and can schedule most calls the next day.
  • Practical and focused. We are focused on simple solutions that do not over-engineer the investigation. While an investigation needs to be complete and thorough, it should not be overly complex, over engineered or outside scope.
Feature Snapshot

Flexibility and ease of implementation are our trademarks at Speeki

Knowledge and experience
We know how to conduct and help with anti-bribery or anti-corruption investigations, and it starts with a good triage process. Learn the trips and the skills to maximise an investigation
We do not focus on theoretical 'what if's or theories. We focus on getting the investigation underway.
Internationally ready
We are internationally focused and have experience doing triage management services across many continents. There are many issues to consider in cross-border investigations and we have good experience in navigating these.
We can conduct a triage the next day on most occasions.
We deliver our triage sessions in a remote environment.
All inclusive
Our triage management service pricing is clear and consistent. There are no additional fees or hidden charges. We offer a package of sessions that is valid for one year.
Language ready
We have language capability in our staff and through our network to help deliver our content in multiple languages.

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