Speeki Whistleblower Platform Migration

Structuring unstructured data. Speeki makes data migration safe and reliable.

Moving from one system  to another is tough and we will do whatever we can to support the transfer of  data from another system to the Speeki Platform.  We have a range of tools available and can  support with resources for systems that need to be digitised. 
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How it works

The Speeki Professional Services team will engage with you to understand your current programme and map out a project plan for the migration of data across to the Speeki Platform.

Learning your current data set and knowing what needs to be migrated.

We will map out a data plan to see where data is and what data needs to be moved or rebuilt on the Speeki Platform. We want to make sure that we respect safety, security and dat privacy requirements as data is moved.


Building and delivering on a migration of data.

Our job is to move or recreate as much data as possible into your new Speeki Platform. We will handle all the heavy lifting in a secure and professional way.


Check-up, follow-up and measuring success.

Follow-up and check in after the project for further questions, delivery of additional material or documents.

Why use the Speeki Professional Services to move data from your old whistleblower system to the Speeki Platform?

Data Experts. Practical & Business Focused. Project Management.

  • Data Experts. We are experts on knowing what data you need and how to migrate it into our Platform.
  • Practical & Business Focused: Perhaps not all your data needs to be moved. Perhaps it can be archived, saved and not migrated. We will work with you to make the most effective use of your time and data in migrating to Speeki Platform.
  • Project Management: We will appoint a project manager to run the entire project. We will hold ourselves and our clients accountable for delivery of elements on schedule.
Feature Snapshot

Lots of flexibility and ease of implementation are our trademarks at Speeki.

Knowledge and experience
We know our system and we know how your data needs to fit into it. We have also worked with many other 'case management' system and know how to manipulate and extra data.
We know what we are doing and we will execute on our project for data migration effectively and safely.
Protecting data
We will work with you on what data exists and how to move it safely.
Migrate or rebuild
If we can't migrate it, we can rebuild it.
We can deliver our services in a remote environment. We will deliver all our transfers through secure sites.
All inclusive
Our pricing is clear and consistent. There are no additional fees or hidden charges.
Language ready
We have language capability on staff or through our network to help deliver our content in multiple languages.
Globally relevant
We can engage with large global companies, or local smaller companies. We know how to implement a management system globally in complex environments. We know how to manage data sets and how to implement them into your Speeki Platform.

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