Speeki Whistleblower Executive Briefings

Company leaders play important roles in whistleblower programmes.

The success of your programme will depend on your leaders and managers. Our briefings provide group and individual training and support for the launch, management and review of the reporting and whistleblower programme.
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How it works

The Speeki Professional Services team will engage with you to support executive sessions virtually across multiple locations and across multiple languages (if necessary).

Identify key personnel

We will help you identify the key top leaders, executives and managers that should be engaged as part of this programme. These may be from all functions and all regions, representing all aspects of the organisation.


Deliver messaging on virtual training and engagement sessions

We set up, deliver and project manage several key virtual meetings and training sessions across the group.


Check in, follow up and measure success

After the sessions, we follow up and check in to see if you have further questions or need additional material or documents.

Why use Speeki Professional Services to engage with your executive management?

Content experts.
Practical and business focused.

  • Content experts. We are experts in governance, compliance, legal and whistleblowing, and implementing and managing these elements across diverse organisations. We know the ways to build and apply these systems.
  • Practical and business focused. We know how businesses work and how they manage the implementation of compliance-related programmes. We are business focused and practical.
  • Quick. We can build a proposal and organise and deliver content in a matter of days. We know what we are doing and we are quick to manage and respond.
Feature Snapshot

Flexibility and ease of implementation are our trademarks at Speeki

Globally relevant
We can engage with large global companies or smaller local companies. We know how to implement programmes globally in complex environments.
Practical and useful
We are practical in the way we deliver material, with useful examples and real-life situations.
All inclusive
Our pricing is clear and consistent. There are no additional fees or hidden charges.
We can deliver our sessions in a virtual environment.
Language ready
We have language capability in our staff and through our network to help deliver our content in multiple languages.
Ready-made content
We have a vast range of existing material and can deploy quickly when required.

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