Ongoing Consulting

What’s Included With Ongoing Consulting

With ongoing consulting, your team will have a dedicated Speeki Consultant who will partner with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your business, team, and compliance goals. They will use their knowledge of your business and their Speeki expertise to provide strategic direction that helps you meet your goals.

What to expect from Ongoing Consulting:

  1. 1:1 relationship with an experienced Speeki consultant
  2. Annual roadmap built with your consultant to map out goals, projects and deadlines
  3. Strategic deliverables created by your consultant to highlight opportunities for your team to get more out of Speeki.
  4. Actual advice and counsel on reports, triage and investigation steps
  5. Best practices & product updates to optimise your use of Speeki.


Speeki Support Package

  • One hour per month, support for all the above
  • USD 2,500 per annum

Speeki Triage Package

  • One hour per month, support for all the above
  • Triage calls of up to 45 mins each, twice per month
  • Quarterly whistle blower program review calls
  • USD 9,500 per annum

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