Professional Services

  1. Planning the intake of reports and establishing efficient ways to bring in information from reporters
  2. Best practices to set up the Speeki Case Management Platform in a way that helps your team achieve optimal results
  3. Best practices and policies and procedures for the triage and review of issues raised through the Speeki platform and how to conduct effective investigations
  4. Conducting investigations on your behalf or guiding you through them when required
  5. Qualifying the impact of your compliance reporting with reporting and KPI tracking

Some common projects we help with:

Speeki intake development and optimisation

  • Set up and best practices
  • Email and marketing strategies around the use of the Speeki platform
  • Guidance on marketing efforts from simple placards through to a full blown marketing campaign on use of the Speeki platform

Case Management and Investigations

  • Speeki platform set up and best practices
  • Defining investigation policies and processes
  • Investigation strategy
  • Reporting strategy

One-time project

Work with a dedicated professional consultant to achieve platform compliance strategy-based goals.

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Ongoing consulting

Work with a dedicated Speeki Consultant on a weekly or monthly basis to achieve long-term platform- or strategy-based goals.

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