When its time to fess up, have a plan and a solution already in play

Declare, disclose, correct

Companies are often required to disclose matters in key ESG areas when reporting an event or a case of misconduct. Speeki helps you to navigate and prepare the many different types of disclosures. In many cases we work alongside your outside counsel, your PR firm and your accounting advisors to craft messaging, show empathy and focus on getting things right.

What is included in Disclosures

Urgent Disclosures

Consulting services to help you work through issues and start addressing them in preparation for a disclosure.

  • Preparing a report or analysis on ESG initiatives to present to a regulator or stakeholder.

  • Support for “due diligence” defence in documenting all the positive steps you have taken to address the issues.


Monitorship Solutions

Independently reviewing, assessing, and monitoring ESG issues that were disclosed.

  • Supporting clients to continue developing ongoing improvements to ESG programmes.

  • Representing you in front of regulators along with your external counsel or other advisors.


The outcome

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    Because we are engaged with you throughut the lifetime of your programmes we can react quickly.

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    We know what regulators will look for in terms of remediation steps and Speeki can help you build quickly, test and remediate gaps.

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    Being ready with desktop exercises is a great way to be ready for the day that you need that experience and face a crisis.

Speeki's Corporate Training

Build trust with regulators

Our reputation with regulators and the industry as a whole allows us to build trust with regulators. They know and trust that we are building strong programmes for clients.

Boost competitive advantage

Get ahead of regulatory issues and staying ahead of policy changes, is what your stakeholders are demanding. We help you know how to position your programme for success.

Speed and Focus

We know how to react quickly and build a team to address issues in your programme in readiness for a meeting with regulators or stakeholders. We are focused on your success.


Speeki Disclosure features

  • Assistance in defending a disclosure made

    Speeki helps you build a strong story about the efforts taken since identifying the issue – one which demonstrates your commitment to improving matters.

  • Solutions support for developing ongoing ESG programme improvements

    Support for corporations that continue to develop their ongoing improvements to an ESG programme that was the subject of a disclosure.

  • Consulting services

    Support for organisations conducting their own disclosures of ESG issues they have been involved with.

Speeki can work with you to avoid disclosure situations but also when a disclosure situation arises.


Speeki provides standardised disclosure formats such as a report or analysis structure, according to the needs of the organisation and the nature of the disclosure. Where required, we can also help review your disclosure case and provide recommended actions.



Roles involved

Risk Areas addressed

Good ESG management systems