Reporting Out

Demonstrate the value of your ESG through structured reporting

Proactive, timely, accurate

Companies are often required, or choose, to regularly report their status in key ESG areas to various stakeholders, regulators and interest groups. Speeki provides a range of reporting formats and structured solutions.

What is included in Reporting Out

Proactive Reporting

  • Consulting services to build a reporting system or design report formats.

  • Quarterly or annual report on ESG initiatives or particular risk area(s).


Required Reporting

  • Assistance in drafting report material, interviewing executives, building document design, producing the document.

  • Management of mandatory reporting requirements.


The outcome

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    Reduced manual effort and enhanced reporting by having the correct information in one place and standardised formats ready for use in Speeki’s dashboards.

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    Demonstrated tangible value through enhanced reporting whilst boosting stakeholder alignment.

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    Time saved on reporting reinvested in key business areas, thanks to Speeki’s distinct mapping between multiple market messages and regulations, and specific ESG initiatives.

Speeki's Corporate Training

Full insight into your ESG initiatives

Documention helps to provide 360-degree visibility of your ESG programmes.

Advancing ESG success

Reporting Out promotes thoroughness to ensure stakeholders can ascertain that ESG policies are being implemented and adhered to.

More informed decision-making

Clarity of purpose contributes to motivating stakeholders to commit more to the organisation and its ESG efforts.


Speeki Reporting Out features

  • Professional reports and recommended actions

    Delivered by a leader in compliance and governance auditing for twenty years.

  • Simple and secure business tools

    The latest technology available is used to build easy-to-use business tools.

  • Flexible

    We adjust the reports to your needs, design, formats and style.

  • Multiple language support

    Reports can be produced in multiple languages to meet regulatory requirements.

  • Customer success concierge

    Speeki’s customer success team aims to ensure that every customer, every time has an exemplary experience with Speeki.

  • Speed

    We are focused on delivery and meeting all deadlines.


Speeki provides you with standardised reporting formats that are highly customisable to cater to the information requirements of different interest groups, together with assistance in completing them.



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