ESG Ratings: Nothing to lose - a huge amount to gain.

Speeki has its own solution called Speeki Ratings where companies participate in obtaining a rating on one or more ESG topics. The company provides information to Speeki, engages in dialogue and attends interviews before we award a private and confidential rating.

Speeki also helps companies who wish to engage in the more open and public rating processes with rating agencies where we help ready you to improve your scores.

ESG Ratings Solutions

Our ratings are private, confidential and we don't sell your data to make money.

Our competitors scan the internet for data on your ESG programmes and then give you a rating sometimes without any engagement at all. They then package up those ratings into other products and sell them to finance house for profit. That is not our style.

Our ratings are private and confidential

You decide whether you publish the rating or allow us to publish the rating.

Our rating is not automated.

There is a ratings system and you need to upload data, but it is not automated. Real experts review the data and dialogue.

ESG Gold Rating Example

Separate ESG topics not one 'ESG' rating.

There simple cannot be one ESG rating. Anyone promising an ESG rating is really looking at sustainability but calling it ESG.

We don't on sell data

It is your data. Not ours. We simply review it to help assign a score and aware a rating.

Need help improve your rating with another ratings agency?

Many agencies don't even ask you about conducting a rating, they simply scrape information off your website and give you a rating. Of course, if you pay money, you might get a better service. Speeki knows ESG, we know how ratings are built and we know what data you need to make available and how to drive a higher award.

Better presentation - form

If bots are going to scan the internet and give you a rating automatically, then you need to think how to present your data so the strongest pieces get identified and the less so ideal get ignored.

Fill gaps - substance

While presentation is one thing, we suspect you might have some gaps to fill in order to address the substantive elements as well. Allow Speeki to help you build some of the key elements of your ESG strategy and address gaps that are reflecting poorly on your scores.

Establish a ESG rating strategy

Establish a ESG rating strategy sooner rather than later.

There is no doubt that ratings around ESG will grow over time as a leading solution to answer RFP's from customers, assist in due diligence and provide a quick snapshot of 'ESG' health. The sooner you tackle this area and use it to your advantage, the better. It is a mixture of activities to tackle the challenge.

Ratings Health Assessment
Start here with an assessment to see where you are at and set a path on where you want to be.
Ratings Improvement Strategy
Set out a path to drive better ratings through tackling some of the key areas identified in the image.
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Ratings from experts

Ideally you work with a ratings provider that can add value though their expertise and the process.

ESG ratings icon

Ratings against a standard

Our ratings are against our published framework, ISO standards and against International best practice.

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Ratings with guidance

Our ratings provide guidance, direction and help to build a better system of managing risk. It is directly related to your improvement.

ESG Ratings solution with sample report.
ESG Expert

Jenna Kim

Jenna Kim has been involved in compliance, governance and ESG for over 15 years. Entering the field through a marketing background, Jenna understands how to draw value out of ESG programmes and use the Speeki Ratings as a step in communicating that value.

We want to be your partner in ESG ratings not a provider.

Our focus is your improvement. We want to see you achieve the highest rating across all areas. We know the positive impact that can bring on your stakeholders and the planet.  

Your partner in ratings

Our focus is to be your partner. Some expert support and guidance on how to make the rating process a competitive advantage to your business. Our focus is your success.

Great ratings help the planet

There is a strong E in ESG. The sooner the companies start to tackle it and improve, then the higher likelihood that we can address some of the larger climate and sustainability issues. Ratings won't fix the planet, but a good dose of competition to drive better ratings can never hurt.

Great ratings will help your company

Whether you publish your ratings or not, there is no doubt that a focus on ratings will help you improve and strive to achieve higher levels of success. Investors look at the ratings and they are (whether we like it or not) being built and pushed into the hands of customers and investors regularly through various platforms.

Some proactive work can make a difference

While the ratings agencies have their own approach and methodology (and we may not always agree with it), it exists and is the industry standard at least as it comes to financial research. A little bit of proactive work can make that rating substantially better. Play the game, you rarely have anything to lose but a lot to gain.

Focus on improvement as a goal

Everyone in business knows that compensation drives behavior and that goals drives compensation. The best thing you can do is set some company goals to drive up your ratings across key areas and push the teams to implement new measures that impact levels of growth and improvement.

Cost effective

Some of the best advice you might receive is through the Speeki ratings process. At least that is what we like to do with Speeki clients where we can help them achieve higher levels of ratings and learn through the process without having to pay larger and larger consulting fees.

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ESG ratings can be a friend or foe, Speeki is the solution to help you build friendships.

Want to know more? Attend one of our Speeki Academy workshops or reach out to a salesperson for a demonstration.
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