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Speeki is a platform to manage your ESG programme

Key Elements of Speeki

Speeki is a Saas platform that allows you to manage elements of your ESG programmes. Following our Engage methodology, the platform gives you the ability to both build and track your programmes, and allow people to report issues and potential misconduct for you to follow up and investigate.

Build your ESG profile

ESG all in one place.

Coming in early 2023, Speeki will allow you to build your ESG profile in the platform itself by using the Engage methodology paired to your risks in the Speeki ESG risk areas. This will be the ONE place across your company where all your ESG data can be stored and tracked. One dashboard where you can immediately see where you are at on any or all of 19 key ESG risk areas.

Manage, Monitor, Measure & Investigate

Identify Issues and Investigate concerns when raised

Speeki has embedded tools within the platform to enable you to implement key elements of your ESG initiatives. These tools allow you to, for example, send surveys, collect disclosures, investigate potential misconduct provided by whistleblowers and generate powerful insights from the data collected.

Leverage for business performance

Drive real change through action plans with impact

Using Speeki to manage your ESG programme gives you the ability to make transformational improvement in your ESG. It allows you to leverage that work to obtain a rating or certification on parts of your ESG programmes.

A platform designed to protect your organisation against ESG risks and then leverage them for great performance.

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    SaaS. Compliant hosting. Secure. Private. Get up and running quickly, with no hardware, no software and minimal training.

    Speeki is a SaaS solution that is hosted in multiple countries and meets data privacy and information security frameworks of the jurisdictions in which it operates. Being a SaaS solution, it is quick to implement, quick to understand and user friendly.

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    Save money because Speeki already includes a fully embedded whistleblower system with case management as part of our standard package. You can replace any existing whistleblower compliance system.

    Speeki already includes a fully EU-directive compliant solution to manage whistleblowers who might report matters about your ESG programme or report misconduct or concerns to management. Driven with an app-first reporting system, Speeki allows anyone to report anything, anytime, in any language, from any device, securely and anonymously.

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    Using Ai to improve usability and engage with stakeholders adds a significant value in automatic translations, engaging Ai bots and speed of data ingestion.

    Speeki was designed using IBM Watson Ai tools along with Ai tools from Google from day 1. We are strong believers in using new technology to enhance the Speeki platform and regularly look for new and exciting ways to engage with new released and trusted tech.

Key Features of the
Speeki Platform

Using Speeki to manage your ESG programme.

With our next release in March 2023, users of Speeki will be able to see a holistic view of their ESG initiatives across all your key risk areas in real-time and in one dashboard. By completing your ESG profile using our engaging set of questions modelled off the Engage methodology, you will start to build a full picture of your ESG initiatives in one place. Building up this data set in the Speeki platform is essential to be able to extract that data in the future into Government filings and other reports.

Included in the current release of the Speeki Platform is a host of tools used by clients to manage elements of their ESG programmes. From collecting allegations of misconduct using our Messaging Whistleblowing features through to using our functional tools like Survey, Declare & disclose allow you to master the functional elements of using the Speeki Platform to operationalize your ESG initiatives.

A full whistleblowing system and case management tools are integrated into Speeki

The Speeki Platform along with the user friendly Speeki App allows anyone to report misconduct or concerns around your ESG initiatives. The whistleblowing system meets all International Standards around whistleblowing and all directives issued by various countries that are starting to regulate and mandate whistleblower systems. Speeki does not charge any reporter for reporting issues and they can engage with you anonymously if they wish (where allowed by law).

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Case Management

Included within Speeki is a case management system that allow you to record issues that you need to address on your ESG programmes. These issues might be from whistleblowers reported using the Speeki App (or by phone, web etc) or be from your own team adding in issues that you would like to review or investigate for improvement. There is no charge for the number of issues managed, nor the number of reporter who lodge issues into the case management system.

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Integrated within Speeki is a survey system that allows you to build as many surveys as you like to deploy wither within or outside the organisation. Using Speeki’s sophisticated virtual assistant – Nicole – and survey technology - you can deploy surveys to test knowledge, collect information, send exit interviews, or to conduct annual assessments. using surveys across several risk areas and eing able to store that data inside the Speeki systems adds great depth to the body of ESG knowledge that you are building within the Speeki Platform.

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Declare and Disclose

A big part of the Speeki platform supports collecting the disclosures, signoffs and declarations from both internal and external organisations and people. The declare & disclose features allow for companies to seek information from stakeholders and then use the answers as part of our compliance efforts. It is an important part of ESG programme management to seek input from key stakeholders on elements of the programme.

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Speeki Social is an add-on service to the Speeki Platform that collect a wealth of information from social and traditional digital media to complement internal data and viewpoints to help you form a holistic picture of your ESG programmes and efforts. In short, it is a sophisticated social media listening service focused on your ESG profile in the market. The solution is not integrated into the Speeki Platform at the moment as it is a separate piece of technology, however, in the near future, you will be able to access reports from your Speeki Platform so that it adds to the wholistic nature of your programme dataset.

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Additional Services

To supplement what the Speeki Platform does, Speeki also provides additional solutions in the ESG space to supplement your use of the Platform and make it even better.

One of the criticisms of software companies is that they just want to sell you a yearly licence and don't want anything to do with providing additional services or solutions. Speeki is different.

At Speeki, we believe that our additional solutions, which, by their nature, are often people based, actually provide a far better overall solution that just a software provider.

We believe that our skillset and our own Engage methodology for building and implementing ESG in conjunction with our ever evolving and improving platform are the key to our client's success in ESG.


Improve knowledge alignment and application between global teams through enjoyable and informative modular training programmes that use real-world scenarios. Weave ESG know-how into your value chain.

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Obtain independent and professional benchmarking and documentation of your ESG programme to provide tangible confirmation of your organisation’s commitment to your ESG initiatives, and increase stakeholder confidence.

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Gap Analysis and Programme Development

Close the resiliency gaps in your business through analysing your organisation’s current ESG progress and ESG goals. Implement recommended programme improvements and robust metrics to inform your next steps.

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Drive governance and compliance through voluntary disclosures that help you proactively engage all stakeholders and build trust through transparency, and strengthen your reputation for integrity and ethical conduct.

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Showcase your commitment to delivering on ESG promises by obtaining a rating against applicable standards from a world leader in governance and compliance ratings and assessments.

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Demonstrate your organisation’s continuous dedication to its ESG obligations by attaining a certification from a market leader in ISO standards certifications.

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Reporting Out

Communicate tangible value through enhanced ESG-related reporting, and leverage trust to drive business sustainability. Simultaneously, gain 360-degree visibility of your ESG programmes.

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