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For a lot of companies, ESG might be a big thing to tackle. You simply don't have time and see this as outside your core expertise. You know you need to do something, but simply don't have the time or the experience to manage it alone.

For some companies, you may simply not want to hire staff to manage ESG and you would prefer to outsource it and have someone manage it from start-to-finish and regularly report to you on status and activity.

Either way, Speeki has you covered.

Chief ESG Officer

How does a whole ESG programme for a fixed quarterly fee sound?

Scoped correctly and with the right expectations and clear deliverables, an entirely outsourced ESG programme focused on the risks that impact you, is entirely possible.

Speeki becomes your Chief ESG officer reporting to the CEO and the Board.

We will start with ESG strategy, ESG risks and programme design

A Chief ESG scoping workshop will kick off our engagement followed by several risk exercises to determine the ESG Strategy for the company.

We will handle all your outgoing reporting

As ESG reporting picks up, we will handle all ESG reporting to both regulators and stakeholders as needs are established.

ESG Framework

We will handle all inbound enquiries on ESG issues

Speeki will handle all inbound enquiries about ESG and coordinate responses to third parties and stakeholders.  

We present to your management and board quarterly

Speeki is the key communicator and representative for the company on ESG matters. We will engage with all stakeholders regularly, especially management, the Board and employees.

Speeki will be your key partner in building ESG and then helping you leverage it.

Our focus at Speeki is to make ESG a value proposition for you to leverage to win more customers, more investors and to build relationships with suppliers and partners. Our focus is to build ESG in a way that the costs are significantly outweighed by the value that comes to the company. Our focus will always be on creating value that has impact.

Meet all regulatory and stakeholder requirements

Our primary role is to ensure that you meet all ESG driven mandatory, statutory or regulatory requirements and continue to meet all the expectations of your stakeholders. That is our base line value proposition for Speeki to be your Chief ESG officer.

Create value with impact

The second role, and almost as high in importance as the primary role is to create value out of the ESG programme that creates real impact for the business and its goals. While fanciful, feel-good ESG is nice for brochures, our aim is to bring real-time benefits and value in terms of revenue, profit, reputational growth and employee engagement.

Value chain of chief esg officer

Our OTE is weighted towards achievement of your ESG goals

Your executives are used to working on a 50% fixed and 50% variable salary. To show our skin in the game and our confidence that we can achieve ESG value for your business, we do the same.

Our regular, quarterly guaranteed fees represent 50% of our on-target fees.
The remainder of our fees are target based according to achievement of your agreed SMART ESG goals.

Year 1: Build it

Depending on where you start your ESG journey, our focus in year 1 is to get the basics in place and start building programmes, develop data and establish reporting

Year 2: Leverage It

Depending on what is happening in your ESG initiatives, year 2 is ideally where you start to market, leverage, report and explore the value proposition of ESG and start to see the return on your investment.

Year 3: Perfect it

Year 3 is focused on getting it right and perfecting the model. With the learnings of the last 2 years, you should be in a much better position to identify improvements and ways to bring more value to the programme.

ESG implementation strategy year by year
ESG Expert

Andrew Henderson

Andrew has been a thought leader and compliance technologist for the last 15 years. He has a strong ability in identifying, documenting and supporting processes and systems required to operate any outsourcing or managed services solutions. Andrew leads the development of our managed solutions on ESG.

Meet ESG Expert: Andrew Henderson

What might our Speeki engagement include as your Chief ESG officer?

Depending on how things are structured, our role as the managed ESG officer can include all or some of the following initiatives. Part of what is included and excluded will be determined as part of the initial scoping exercise.

Senior leadership role managing ESG across your company.

One of our senior people will be acting in the role of your Chief ESG officer. They will be supported by our team behind the scenes with resources as required. We can have an email address from your company, contact details and can engage with people as your labelled or unlabelled Chief ESG officer. Our key role is to coach, advise, support and drive ESG matters through management and the Board.

Handling all internal and external programmes, communication and reporting

One of our key roles will be to handle all inbound and outbound enquiries and responses on ESG matters. Handle enquiries from customers, partners or suppliers and engage with regulators as necessary, with guidance and support from your management.

Managing platforms, technology acquisition, setup and usage

To the extent that the company has installed SaaS or other solutions to help with aspects of the ESG programme, including the Speeki platform, our ESG officer will manage those programmes and make use of them as part of your initiatives.

Incident management and investigations of ESG issues brought into Speeki

Whether from the Speeki platform or issues that come from other sources, any incidents relating to ESG risk areas will be first managed by the ESG officer. The ESG officer will review and triage the issues for a decision for management as to how to proceed. The ESG officer can also support investigations as required.

Stakeholder engagement, awareness, communication, training and reporting

The buy-in and engagement around ESG issues is very important for a programme to be successful. The ESG officer will spend a lot of time on awareness, communications and training to develop strong awareness and buy-in for the ESG risk areas and how it impacts customers.

Regulator engagement, enquiries and supervision.

There is also a need to engage with key regulators about your ESG initiatives. You are likely to require audits on certain matters from time to time. The ESG Officer will help to respond to requests and guide management on how to engage.

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