Customer Experience

Assure your customers that you are fulfilling your ESG responsibilities

Apply deeper awareness of customer sentiment to enrich the customer experience

Find out more about customer reactions to your brand

Use Speeki’s AI-powered logical insights to gain a better understanding of customers’ buying trends and how they view your brand. Discover what role your ESG performance plays in their purchasing decisions. Use this information to address ESG issues and motivate brand loyalty.

Address negative sentiment and hidden customer concerns

Learn about negative feelings towards your brand or products which may not be voiced directly to you. Explore the reasons some customers prefer other brands, and rectify any ESG shortcomings or other problems which may contribute to this.

Strengthen communication with customers and enhance the customer experience

Use insights gathered through Speeki to refine your customer interactions, upgrade your promotions, and better communicate your ESG activities. Apply relevant insights in all areas to improve customer perceptions.

Find out what is important to your customers

A new way to track customer sentiment

Speeki provides untraditional AI-driven ways of monitoring what customers want from brands, in a marketplace where face-to-face interaction with customers is declining.

Customers care about the environment

Today’s customers scrutinise the environmental performance of the brands they purchase. Speeki helps you manage your environmental commitments to meet their expectations.

Address customers’ ethical concerns

Purchasers seek assurance that brands meet high standards of conduct. Speeki assists you in identifying their expectations and delivering on them by helping you to reduce associated risks.

We help organisations earn the trust of their customers

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Enrich your customers’ experience