Building Insights from your Speeki Platform

Listen to your data and build actionable insights using Speeki

The Speeki platform can build a large amount of data about ESG when all its functionality is applied across multiple ESG risk areas.

Use that data for early warning signs of potential risk

Actionable workforce insights to anticipate and prevent problems

Better understand your employees’ concerns. Spot emerging workplace difficulties early, and prevent employee disaffection from reaching crisis proportions by swiftly resolving issues and uncertainties before they escalate. Boost retention rates and reinvest saved recruitment and onboarding costs.

Ensure the company is inclusive

Make your company a better place to work. Uncover and eradicate negative and exclusionary behaviour and attitudes. Change mindsets and foster understanding of different cultures in the workplace. A more diverse team brings complementary skills and ideas to the business, as well as allowing it to connect more easily with different customer groupings.

Reinforce positive workplace experiences to strengthen employee loyalty

Gain insight into employee attitudes. Monitor employees’ awareness of ESG guidelines and their roles in your ESG programme. Build a category-defining corporate culture from the top down to win staff buy-in and engender deeper commitment to ESG initiatives.

Engage stakeholders in accomplishing your ESG objectives by knowing where to focus in advance.

Correlate employee insights with business performance

Collect employee feedback in real-time through Speeki Signals, and link it to key business metrics.

Get more out of your workforce

Combine field experience with employee insights to unlock the untapped potential of your employees.

Enhance performance through training

Provide training – using Speeki Training where applicable – to strengthen employees’ ESG knowledge and involvement.

We help organisations build trust and increase employee satisfaction

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Getting predictive with the data in your Speeki platform is our ultimate goal. Let us help you.