Market Insights

Understand what the market is saying about your industry

Market leadership begins with market insights

Stay abreast of rapidly-changing market expectations and industry trends

Hear what the market or industry says about your ESG efforts, your brand, your company, and what the market wants from your organisation, via multiple channels. Speeki’s AI-powered listening tools help you zoom in on selected risk areas across the ESG spectrum.

Transform market data into insights into strategy into ESG results

Speeki’s Insights services extract critical information from the market “noise” to help you discover relevant, actionable, and previously-unrealised ESG opportunities within your target market. Understand customers faster, spur cross-functional dialogue, align key decision-makers, drive strategic change and innovation throughout the organisation, and generate actions that turn market insights into ESG ROI.

Control your organisation’s ESG narrative

Use Speeki’s powerful array of tools – monitor, analyse, and act on multiple structured and unstructured information sources – to make sure your message reaches the target for which it was tailored. Build your ESG narrative into the fabric of your business to ensure buy-in at every level to help enhance your ESG initiatives and standing in the market.

Measure your current ESG performance against market potential and drive business development

Convert uncovered market knowledge into high-powered wisdom that can be integrated into key operating systems. Use analyses from Speeki Insights – presented in quickly understood market positioning charts that show your present ESG performance in an intuitive dashboard – to help you make market-informed decisions that compel business growth.

Apply market insights as a guide for action and communication

Don’t miss the moment

Speeki helps pinpoint actionable market opportunities through collecting and analysing market views.

Sharpen your ESG with market insights

Obtain valuable guidance on best practices in ESG reporting to influence how the market sees your business.

Manage market views

Take advantage of Speeki’s standardised reporting templates and rating and certification services to help shape market perceptions.

We help organisations navigate the evolving market successfully

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Shape the way the market sees you