Partner Experience

Enhance your value chain management through better understanding of suppliers and partners

Use insight into value chain partners to strengthen relationships

No business is an island

Measure the health and profitability of your partner relationships, and gauge related ESG risks using Speeki’s Signals tools to monitor your partners’ ongoing activities and the market’s responses. Pick up on partner trends and apply these insights to your value chain planning and management. Detect early warning signals of partner misconduct or unsatisfactory performance, and take prompt action to minimise and mitigate potential ESG risks.

Champion your culture and brand through communication with your partners

Use information from Speeki to help ensure your partners continue to meet your standards. Thread relevant knowledge throughout the value chain to connect behind-the-scenes entities and realise the value promise through Speeki’s analytics – provide tangible proof points, and put into place the necessary ESG strategies and repeatable processes.

Energise your company’s ESG success through partnership experience

Extend your ability to impact your customers through appreciating your partners’ influence on customers. Use Speeki’s AI-powered platform to forge mutually beneficial relationships with your partners and build smooth end-to-end communications that facilitate aligned values, strategies, and goals, which directly improve the bottom line.

Create closer alignment with your value chain partners with Speeki

Be prepared for value chain risks

See advance indications of potential value chain interruptions to minimise their impact.

Get a clearer view of your value chain

Integrate Speeki into your value chain management system to give a fuller picture.

Enhance partner selection for better alignment

Achieve greater confidence in your selection of partners and build closer ties with them.

We help organisations understand and work better with their business partners

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Manage value chain relationships more successfully