Speeki for C-Level

Data is the new oil – transform ESG information into ESG solutions

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Deep dive into the root cause of problems and operationalise their fixes with embedded solutions that stick

Ensure smooth and ESG-compliant operations that add value to the business and are more than just an ESG rating for investors

Understand all ESG-related perspectives and actively integrate ESG into the business and your stakeholders

Take no chances, listen to all voices

Turn up the volume and gain real-time visibility into ESG-related market feedback

Eliminate any fragmented approaches to ESG initiatives by listening to all the voices through Speeki’s AI-powered Signals suite and find out if any misalignment exists between your ESG initiatives and corporate purpose. Control your narrative and protect your brand and reputation.

Find the ESG problem, fix the problem, prevent the problem

Join the dots to obtain a clear picture of how the company’s ESG issues unfolded, then get to the heart of why they arose to prevent a reoccurrence of the same or similar problems, using Speeki’s array of expertise and AI-driven, evidence-based Insights services.

Deliver on the ambition of sustainable business performance

Deploy the expertise and power of your organisation to electrify your ESG bottom line

Create a strong culture of compliance, integrity, and ethical behaviour throughout the organisation by using a centralised ESG-related data-access point. Empower your frontline stakeholder groups to use their capabilities and potential to magnify your ESG successes and find more ESG solutions.

Align on a common ESG language within your organisation

Ensure communication is consistent, clear, and aligned by centralising messages for operations, compliance, ESG-related risk information, and more, through the Speeki Platform – an end-to-end system that facilitates ESG discourse.

Forge a new ESG implementation path

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Listen to all voices and hear the market messages about your compliance

We provide your company with integrated tools to capture ESG signals from your entire stakeholder set, to help you form a holistic view of your organisation’s ESG.


Speeki can help identify trends and issues around key ESG areas. Start to predict issues before they happen.

Speeki’s core analytics platform and dashboards super-charge your investigations and monitoring abilities. Gain new insight into ESG activities throughout the organisation.


Speeki can help identify trends and issues around harassment and discrimination, diversity and inclusion, safe workplaces and other key areas in ESG.

We turn the insights from analysis into operational plans that neutralise risks before they grow.

The C-Suite needs to be able to communicate in ESG speak. Speeki helps.

  • Reduced time and effort

    Speeki tools enhance efficiency and take care of many tedious ESG tasks, leaving your team free to focus on business.

  • Greater consistency

    The use of Speeki provides a framework for a more consistent approach to the management of typical ESG risks across the organisation.

  • Unified view of information

    By maintaining all ESG data on a single platform, Speeki ensures that everyone in the organisation is aligned on what is being done and can see the same data.

  • Continual improvement of ESG

    Drive ongoing improvement of the organisation's ESG activities with the help of Speeki's programme assessment, audit and certification services.

  • Easier internal and external reporting

    Speeki simplifies and standardises reporting on ESG – saving money on collecting data, separate programmes and having everyone using the one data set.

  • Enhanced stakeholder alignment

    Coordinate ESG programmes with the organisation's stakeholders more easily for mutual benefit by using the Speeki Platform. Prove your teams' amazing efforts on ESG to investors and customers.

ESG is more than just a rating for investors. It is the future of how business manages risk and builds trust with its stakeholders.