Speeki for Compliance Officers

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Reinforce your compliance programmes and framework across several risk areas

Start to anticipate, predict and avoid the risks and costs of non-compliance

Ensure consistency in implementing policies and procedures

Sustain and grow your business through great compliance

Demonstrate compliance to present and future stakeholders

Use Speeki tools to monitor and report on the organisation’s compliance. Build trust among customers to sustain their loyalty and attract new customers. Open up new avenues for business by winning the trust of potential partners, and maintain the organisation’s social licence to operate by earning the trust of the community.

Align your compliance with third parties for more effective cooperation

Where principles, standards and policies are shared with third parties, use Speeki’s compliance tools to monitor conformance on both sides in order to maintain a harmonious relationship and give early warning of potential problems.

Navigate the complex regulatory environment and make compliance a competitive advantage

Use Nicole AI to tame the compliance jungle

Compliance is a vital tool for risk management, but the proliferation of regulations facing businesses today makes it almost impossible to keep up without advanced technological support. Speeki is designed with powerful Artificial Intelligence to meet this need, giving you holistic oversight of your compliance programme and a toolkit to manage compliance more efficiently across the organisation.

Embed compliance into your corporate culture

Use Speeki’s array of tools to weave compliance into the company’s operations. Monitor employees’ understanding of their roles and responsibilities through Speeki Survey, disseminate policies through Speeki Conversations, obtain declarations of compliance with policies, deliver compliance training, keep employees informed of compliance issues and progress, and provide a channel for reports of non-compliance via Speeki Reports.

Drive efficiency by ensuring actions are integrated and aligned with corporate goals and values

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Listen to all voices and hear the market messages about your compliance

We provide your company with integrated tools to capture signals from your entire stakeholder set, to help you form a holistic view of your compliance performance.


Speeki can help identify trends and issues around key ESG areas. Start to predict issues before they happen.

Speeki’s consulting team and core analytics platform and dashboards super-charge your knowledge and monitoring abilities. Gain new insight into the effectiveness of your compliance programme. We know how to join the dots and predict trends.


Speeki can help identify trends and issues around harassment and discrimination, diversity and inclusion, safe workplaces and other key areas in ESG.

We turn the insights from analysis into operational plans that neutralise risks before they grow. We help with improving compliance programmes, monitoring and measurement, and assessing them against recognised standards.

Speeki's tools support compliance officers in managing compliance – and get predictive

Good ESG management systems
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    Reduced time and effort

    Speeki tools enhance efficiency and take care of many tedious compliance tasks, leaving you free to focus on what's important.

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    Greater consistency

    The use of Speeki provides a framework for a more consistent approach to the management of typical compliance risks across the organisation.

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    Unified view of information

    By maintaining all compliance data on a single platform, Speeki ensures that everyone in the organisation is aligned on what is being done.

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    Continual improvement of ESG

    Drive ongoing improvement of the organisation's ESG activities with the help of Speeki's programme assessment, audit and certification services.

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    Easier internal and external reporting

    Speeki simplifies and standardises reporting on compliance – and complies with regulatory reporting requirements – to keep stakeholders informed.

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    Enhanced stakeholder alignment

    Coordinate ESG programmes with the organisation's stakeholders more easily for mutual benefit by using the Speeki Platform.

Compliance engenders confidence in your company. We can help you build a world-class programme across 19 key risk areas including whistleblowing, anti-corruption, human trafficking, and workplace practices