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Super-charge your ESG role and drive initiatives

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Improve your branding using evidence-based ESG reports

Create meaningful, actionable ESG programmes that truly operationalise ESG

Win stakeholder support for ESG initiatives and buy-in from customers

Dial up buy-in to your ESG programme

Uncover, untangle, and understand your company’s market ESG sentiments

Move beyond the limitations of traditional methodology to gather data and get new perspectives from the market. Collate feedback on your ESG efforts from all environments in which you operate through leveraging Speeki’s 90%-plus accurate Signals suite and discover sentiments you may have previously overlooked.

Do the work of a large department with a small team

Connect the dots between ESG-related feedback to reveal emerging issues and predict corresponding trends. Use Speeki’s Insights services to create a powerful data set which informs your ESG initiatives, to provide strategic, evidence-based ESG approaches that deliver tangible value to your stakeholders.

Convert your role as the ESG Officer into a strategic and operational leadership role with Speeki

Prioritise and validate the most material ESG issues

Build an ESG programme into the fabric of the organisation, create awareness with an ESG rating, and hit ESG metrics that matter. Optimise company resources assigned to the ESG programme through Speeki’s systematic approach to managing issues to help stakeholders understand ESG risks and the accompanying return on investment.

Fuel your next move with an AI-enabled approach

Harness Speeki’s expertise and powerful platform to help you deliver standardised reports within shortened ESG reporting timeframes, meet disclosure obligations, and bring market-based, measurable, positive impact to the ESG discussion table that demonstrates the economic value of your ESG programme.

Deliver real-impact ESG results

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Listen to all voices and hear the market messages about your ESG programme

We provide your company with integrated tools to capture ESG signals from your entire stakeholder set, to help you form a holistic view of your ESG initiatives.


Speeki can help identify trends and issues around key ESG areas. Start to predict issues before they happen.

Speeki’s consulting team and its core analytics platform and dashboards super-charge your insights into your ESG performance.


Speeki can help identify trends and issues around harassment and discrimination, diversity and inclusion, safe workplaces and other key areas in ESG.

We turn the insights from analysis into operational plans that neutralise risks before they grow.

Speeki helps ESG Officers operationalise ESG and build datasets for analysis

Good ESG management systems
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    Reduced time and effort

    Speeki tools enhance efficiency and take care of many tedious compliance tasks, leaving you free to focus on what's important.

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    Greater consistency

    The use of Speeki provides a framework for a more consistent approach to the management of typical ESG risks across the organisation.

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    Unified view of information

    By maintaining all ESG data on a single platform, Speeki ensures that everyone in the organisation is aligned on what is being done.

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    Continual improvement of ESG

    Drive ongoing improvement of the organisation's ESG activities with the help of Speeki's programme assessment, audit and certification services.

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    Easier internal and external reporting

    Speeki simplifies and standardises reporting on ESG topics – and complies with regulatory reporting requirements – to keep stakeholders informed.

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    Enhanced stakeholder alignment

    Coordinate ESG programmes with the organisation's stakeholders more easily for mutual benefit by using the Speeki Platform.

Create an environment where consistency and insight thrive