Speeki for HR professionals

Companies succeed at ESG because they build a safe and inclusive workplace

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Improve your employee experience with better tools to engage, inform, train, disclose and report on key risks in ESG

Create an impactful employee culture respectful of diversity and inclusion that drives performance

Build, implement and manage programmes to support diversity and inclusion, and a culture free of harassment, discrimination or unfair work practices

Enabling HR to build stronger employee engagement and drive the impact of your ESG initiatives

View a plethora of new perspectives from your employees

Collect, analyse, and act on employee feedback, and reduce unwanted costly attrition by understanding key drivers of engagement. Use Speeki tools to identify training needs and Speeki Training to remedy the gaps. Invite reports of misdeeds in the workplace or health and safety violations through Speeki Reports, and tap into negative stories spread among former employees using Speeki’s social listening.

Receive regularly updated insights on how key ESG risks are affecting your employees

Build and analyse customised employee surveys sent on a targeted frequency to collect measurable and relevant insights according to organisational level. Monitor the progress of HR’s ESG initiatives such as community engagement projects, harassment, discrimination, gender equality and measures to increase workforce diversity.

Developing the right workplace where people are safe and can thrive is an essential part of the 'S' in ESG

Make your employees ambassadors for ESG

Monitor employees’ awareness of ESG policies, and ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities within your ESG programme. Provide training to strengthen their ESG awareness and commitment. Activate their consciousness of the need to reduce waste and use natural resources and energy efficiently in the workplace.

Drive behaviour and culture change across the organisation

Enable managers to drive improvements and culture change by giving them clear, actionable insights derived from Speeki findings. Promote an ESG-compliant culture aligned with corporate goals through recruitment, training and development, policy formulation and personal example. Sustain employee support and engagement by taking immediate action against violations such as discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

Human Resources + Speeki can be the foundation of the 'S' in ESG for any company

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Listen to all voices and hear the market messages about your ESG programme

We provide your company with integrated tools to capture signals from your entire stakeholder set, to help you form a holistic view of the HR aspects of your ESG.


Speeki can help identify trends and issues around key ESG areas. Start to predict issues before they happen.

Speeki’s core analytics platform and dashboards super-charge your investigations and monitoring abilities. Gain new insight into HR's role and effectiveness in your ESG programme.


Speeki can help identify trends and issues around harassment and discrimination, diversity and inclusion, safe workplaces and other key areas in ESG.

We turn the insights from analysis into operational plans that neutralise risks before they grow.

Speeki + HR professionals are a great mix for the 'S' in ESG

Good ESG management systems
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    Reduced time and effort

    Speeki tools enhance efficiency and help with engagement with employees, leaving you free to focus on what's important.

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    Greater consistency

    The use of Speeki provides a framework for a more consistent approach to the management of typical tasks across the organisation.

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    Unified view of information

    By maintaining all data on a single platform, Speeki ensures that everyone in the organisation is aligned on what is being done.

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    Continual improvement of ESG

    Drive ongoing improvement of the organisation's ESG activities with the help of Speeki's programme assessment, audit and certification services.

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    Easier internal and external reporting

    Speeki simplifies and standardises reporting – and helps keep stakeholders informed.

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    Enhanced stakeholder alignment

    Coordinate ESG programmes with the organisation's stakeholders more easily for mutual benefit by using the Speeki Platform.

An essential part of the 'S' in ESG affects people – employees, contractors and key third parties. HR teams directly contribute to ESG by building a better workplace. Speeki can help you build a better workplace and improve ESG at the same time.