Speeki for Supply Chain

Your supply chain's ESG is your ESG. You own it. Manage it.

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Reassure clients of ethical and responsible conduct in your supply chain and your sales value chain

Adopt a more robust approach to understanding and measuring sustainability-related risks in your supply and value chains

Engender ESG values through integrated ESG programmes throughout your entire supply and value chains

Pull the right levers in the right locations to strengthen supply-chain and value-chain capabilities

Go beyond traditional information-gathering

Filter through the market “noise” to benefit from real-time monitoring of stakeholder feedback on your ESG initiatives, and stay ahead of your competitors. Have all the relevant market ESG sentiments and data available on the spot to support effective decision-making through Speeki’s AI-driven Signals suite.

Mitigate the non-compliance and steep financial taxes of ESG missteps

Minimise and manage those ESG risks that potentially threaten your reputation, breach ESG rules and regulations, and deplete your sales and funding. Map the dynamics of your industry, plotting the negative and positive impacts against the company’s roadmap using Speeki’s Insights services to analyse and predict trends that affect your business.

Transition your supply chain and value chain into a mission-critical growth driver and engine for your own ESG initiatives

Lead through ESG-based purpose, agility, sustainability, and functionality

Combine human ingenuity, experience, and technology to deliver sustained ESG outcomes and build trust with all your stakeholder groups. Use the Speeki Platform to centralise and implement policies, procedures, and best practices that help you deliver closer business relationships, better multi-stakeholder collaborations, and more value across the supply chain.

Measure supply chain ESG KPIs to achieve greater ESG returns on investment

Strike a balance between commercial viability and eco-consciousness and invest in internal company visibility, people, and product sourcing to ensure ESG goals are being met and exceeded. Conduct gap analyses, audits, disclosure programmes, and programme improvement initiatives at your defined frequency and organisational level with Speeki’s Actions tools to make sure everyone is aligned with your ESG goals.

Invest in your suppliers and third parties to accelerate your own ESG success

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Listen to all voices and hear the market messages about your ESG programme

We provide your company with integrated tools to capture ESG signals from your entire stakeholder set, to help you form a holistic view of your ESG across the supply chain.


Speeki can help identify trends and issues around key ESG areas. Start to predict issues before they happen.

Speeki’s core analytics platform and dashboards super-charge your investigations and monitoring abilities. Gain new insight into ESG activities as they impact your supply chain.


Speeki can help identify trends and issues around harassment and discrimination, diversity, equity & inclusion, safe workplaces and other key areas in ESG.

We turn the insights from analysis into operational plans that neutralise risks before they grow.

Speeki helps supply chain and procurement teams manage risks in the supply chain

  • Reduced time and effort

    Speeki tools enhance efficiency and take care of many tedious follow-up and disclosure tasks, leaving you free to focus on what's important.

  • Greater consistency

    The use of Speeki provides a framework for a more consistent approach to the management of typical compliance risks with your suppliers.

  • Unified view of information

    By maintaining all data on a single platform, Speeki ensures that everyone in the organisation is aligned on what is being done.

  • Continual improvement of ESG

    Drive ongoing improvement of the organisation's ESG activities with the help of Speeki's programme assessment, audit and certification services.

  • Easier internal and external reporting

    Speeki simplifies and standardises reporting on supply chain ESG initiatives and helps to communicate with suppliers and distributors.

  • Enhanced stakeholder alignment

    Coordinate ESG programmes with suppliers and distributors more easily for mutual benefit by using the Speeki Platform.

Your company will be held responsible for the ESG standards of your suppliers and partners. Ignoring non-compliance is no longer an option.