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Millions of business conversations and interactions take place each day on mobile-based messaging systems, and Speeki Conversations enables you to provide in-the-moment pre-emptive risk tracking, feedback, and analysis on a range of compliance and ESG topics. The Speeki Messaging app captures all conversations for analysis by Speeki Insights to guide future actions.

Detect risk indicators in conversations

The pace of global business operations today requires a paradigm shift in how business risks are managed. Speeki Conversations helps move your risk management from reactive to pre-emptive mode by interacting with, tracking, and analysing thousands of business conversations to look for underlying risk indicators. Conversations can be monitored from various channels including messaging, surveys, and disclosures.  

Use powerful Artificial Intelligence to probe issues in depth

Besides the background tracking of every conversation taking place through the messaging system, users can talk directly with Speeki Conversations’ AI-powered virtual assistant Nicole – which can engage and reply to people in real-time and steer the conversation to obtain the most valuable and accurate feedback. 

Build closer connections with all stakeholders

Built to provide the efficiency and connectedness that businesses need in today's dynamic risk environment, Speeki Conversations simplifies communication and collaboration with all stakeholder sets by automating the deployment of question-based feedback paths.  And Speeki conversations are not just text-based – both users and Nicole can share voice, photos, and videos.

Track and analyse thousands of conversations through a dashboard

Because the Speeki platform is cloud-based, all conversation interactions are logged into a dashboard which can start to correlate not just conversations but also data from other signals into a more holistic view of your ESG initiatives. 

Give and receive information

Virtual assistant Nicole’s two-way communication capability enables you to answer internal and external FAQs. Internally, use it to evaluate awareness of an ESG issue and direct employees to one of Speeki’s many concise training courses as needed.


Conversations that show you the bigger picture

Understand your people

Conversations bring teams and stakeholders together with a collaborative approach to risk management.

Gather frequent real-time insights

Gives you valuable visibility into open issues and lets you track every case, bringing risks to the surface faster.

Insights that impact the bottom line

Signals from Speeki Conversations are used to build up more engaged and compliant user experiences across your stakeholder set.

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