Conversations are driven by you to receive feedback, guidance, answers and reports around ESG

Speeki Messaging

Speeki helps you discover high-value action points

Building conversations that help extract vital information

We help you customise Speeki Conversations based on a detailed framework to create a range of variable conversation feedback paths. These feedback paths capture essential information in a human-like way to provide users with predefined options.

Kick off conversations with key stakeholders

We help you draft key messaging to generate dialogue and discussion with key stakeholders. It might be as simple as feedback on a policy or input on certain initiative. The tools are there to add value, collect data and make things very simple.

Gain new insights from analysis of conversations

Speeki analyses captured conversations, bringing out action points and hidden meanings. By cross-relating these with other captured signals such as those from social media, Speeki can often discern hidden connections for richer insights.

Speeki Messaging

Easy to set up and

Versatile installation and integration

Speeki Conversations is part of the Speeki Platform, accessible on any smartphone, laptop or desktop – or perhaps integrated into the messaging system your team currently uses, like MS Teams.

Frequently updated

We recommend that your Speeki Conversations are continually updated and refreshed across multiple risk areas. These changes help capture the data you need from a variety of key risk areas.

Comprehensive audit trail

Speeki Conversations saves time and reduces analysis fatigue by creating highly detailed and structured audit trails of every interaction in a central location. Single evidence forms can be leveraged for multiple assessments.

Speeki Messaging

Empower your stakeholders to tell you more

Let your employees speak

Give your employees a choice of communication tools – Speeki Reports or Speeki Conversations – by either voice or text.

Answer common questions

Speeki's virtual assistant Nicole can provide answers to many frequently asked questions, resolving some questioners’ concerns immediately.

Obtain a fuller picture

Take action on issues armed with greater knowledge to be more confident of managing the situation appropriately.

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