Declare and Disclose

Make declarations and disclosures a powerful tool for ESG management

Simplify declaration and disclosure processing through Speeki

Speeki Declare and Disclose is a tool built into the Speeki Platform to facilitate the use of declarations and disclosures to manage ESG risks more efficiently by requiring declarations of compliance with ESG requirements, advance approval of certain high-risk actions, and disclosure of risk-related matters.

Manage multiple declaration types

The Speeki Platform supports effective management of numerous types of risk through appropriate declarations – from pre-approval of travel and entertainment expenses, to disclosure of gifts received from business partners, to confirmations from employees that they have not engaged in unethical conduct.

Confirm employee acceptance of new policies and procedures

Use the Speeki Platform to obtain digitally signed confirmations of employee understanding and commitment to compliance. For example, you can disseminate a new Code of Conduct, then ensure through Speeki Survey that everyone agrees to follow it.

Review disclosures to identify issues

The ESG team can easily review disclosures to determine who has disclosed, who has not, and whether there are any concerns they need to follow up on. Failure to submit timely declarations of compliance can often be a warning sign of breaches of the rules.

Exercise better ESG control with declarations and disclosures

Proactively control potentially infringing expenditure

Require your employees to request advance approval for certain expenditures, such as client entertainment – which could offer a cover for bribery.

Make conflicts of interest transparent

Provide a channel for disclosing potential conflicts of interest, reducing the possibility of corruption.

Accept declarations of compliance from partners

Enable your suppliers to formally declare their compliance with your ESG requirements.

We help you use declarations and disclosures to manage ESG more effectively

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