ESG Programme Assessment

Have our experts identify gaps in your ESG programme

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Speeki Programme Assessment consists of a periodic evaluation by expert assessors of key aspects of your ESG management system to identify gaps to be filled and other opportunities for improvement. An Assessment focuses on key risk areas and is conducted by a professional well versed in the respective risk area. It provides useful external insight into the effectiveness of your ESG programme.

Anticipate and prevent potential ESG and compliance problems

Learn about gaps in your ESG that may cause you to miss emerging problems, or to misinterpret situations. Receive expert guidance on how to enhance your programme and rectify omissions.

Identify where additional information is required

Pinpoint where further signals monitoring is needed to detect nascent issues before they affect your business.

Implement best practices in ESG risk management

Benefit from the expertise of specialists in each risk area to bring your ESG practices in line with the highest industry standards.

Identify and eliminate your most severe risks with Programme Assessment

Assess the most significant risk areas

Focus your Programme Assessment on key risk areas to prioritise the most immediate risks.

Learn from expert assessors

Obtain a well-informed external review based on rich experience in the specific risk area.

Strengthen your ESG risk management

Plug loopholes and make improvements as advised to enhance mitigation of major risks.

We help organisations manage ESG risks better

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Reduce risk with an independent assessment of your ESG programmes

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