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Building a whistleblowing system for a client that is more than just technology

At Speeki, we recommend a more holistic approach to whistleblowing systems for companies to really get a return on their investment and deliver extraordinary impact. We work with clients to think differently about their whistleblowing system by delivering more than just technology. Our solution is a ‘system’, not just a few licences to a platform.

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Case Study

Speeki combined its solutions to help a client launch a truly added value whistleblowing system

Our consulting team, combined with the Speeki Platform, helped a large Europe-based manufacturing company create a ‘system’ that changed the perception of the system from being a ‘cost’ into a ‘valued piece of the business that really adds value’.


Faster ways to review issues, conduct triage, and investigate

Better communication and knowledge of key risk areas

Significant increase in employee engagement

Situation or challenge

Our client was challenged with an old email-based reporting system that was rarely used, rarely trusted and poorly managed. It lacked processes on how to deal with issues, how to triage, how to investigate and how to report out. With a poor system and an ever increasing volume of issues needing to be investigated, they needed a better solution.


Our solution was an analysis of their existing pain points through a virtual workshop, followed by the implementation of a comprehensive system that involved executive buy-in sessions, drafting policies, procedures, protocols, implementing the Speeki Platform and helping with communications and training. Speeki was involved in the consulting side, training, systems implementation, and a successful launch. Speeki remains engaged to provide triage services and support on an ad hoc basis.


The client now has a system that is easy to use by anyone wishing to report a matter. The system is known across the organisation as a trusted solution, and has buy-in from management and across all levels of the organisation. The compliance team, finance and management know how to deal with issues when they arise, as they follow a clear set of protocols and training on how to conduct triage and investigations. They also have ongoing support from Speeki in terms of consulting hours, triage support and training.

* We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've masked or changed their names, the results are real.