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Give everyone the ability to report and blow the whistle on ESG concerns or misconduct

Empower everyone to report safely and fearlessly while meeting your legal requirements around whistleblowing

Speeki Reports is the Speeki solution for whistleblowers to submit reports – especially around disclosures of misconduct or non-compliance – and gives you comments or information on ESG matters, in either voice or text form. While some of these reports may call for immediate action, all reports are analysed by Speeki Insights to inform future actions.

Lower the hurdles to whistleblowing with an AI-driven mobile-first App

Speeki reporting makes it easy and immediate for concerned employees or other stakeholders to speak out safely on issues and suspicions through a highly secure mobile and Web-based app. The ease and accessibility of Speeki Reports considerably boosts engagement, with reporters sharing earlier in the process and in more depth – giving you a critical head start on solving issues while they are still emerging.

Gather rich information from multiple sources

Reports are not always about 'misconduct' or something that requires immediate investigation. Reports could be more about feedback, observations, thoughts and ideas for improvement. Collect a wealth of information from all those in the front line of your ESG programme – employees, customers, and partners – and analyse it to both conduct an investigation (if there is misconduct or a problem) but also to obtain actionable insights (focusing on programme improvement). Pick up on problems and learn how your ESG shapes up from different viewpoints.

Foster a “speak up” culture with reports built on trust

Shorten the corporate communication chain to encourage all stakeholders to have their say on any aspect of your ESG whenever they choose, in their own words and anonymously where appropriate. Hear about concerns that might otherwise go unvoiced. A “speak up” culture must also be a listening culture to build trust. Demonstrate that all whistleblowing reports are seen and valued by giving feedback on the progress of submissions.

Respond in the moment, then track and report 

Speeki’s virtual assistant Nicole takes the initial lead, guiding reporters through a range of questions to extract the most crucial case details, which are simultaneously logged into a centralised dashboard. This makes it easy to engage with reporters, send messages in real-time and then track and report. With AI support, there is no waiting in line – Nicole is on hand 24/7 to capture case details that could potentially be missed or lost.

Gain a richer vision of your organisation’s risks

Understand your people

Get an unfiltered view of what’s going on with ESG among your staff from their own varying perspectives, given directly and in confidence.

Gather frequent real-time views and derive insights

Combine reports and resulting insights to form a coherent picture of your ESG performance.

Insights that impact the bottom line

Receive early warnings of emerging issues before they become costly problems.

We help you obtain whistleblower reports from concerned stakeholders and then do something about it

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Your solution for compliance reporting and ESG whistleblowing

Start listening today and drive performance