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Speeki whistleblowing reporting solutions are leading edge, modern and fully compliant

Speeki Messaging

Make it easy for whistleblowers to tell you what’s happening 

Make reporting comfortable and uncomplicated

Speeki Messaging makes report submission a simple process with an intuitive user interface and 24/7 availability via any Internet-enabled device, in or out of the workplace. Supporting evidence, including videos, images, and documents, can be uploaded with reports to give you a more complete picture.

Receive feedback in real time through a centralised dashboard

The Speeki Platform enables you to check in for updates and view the status of any report at any time. Reports received are analysed by Speeki to generate helpful insights leading to action. Stay abreast of emerging concerns.

Be confident in the highest levels of security and privacy

Speeki reporting is built on the industry’s most robust data security protocols that put your data’s security, integrity, and availability above everything else. We use a multi-layered approach to protect all your information to ensure you never have to worry – GDPR and ISO 27001 ISMS compliant with encryption at-rest and in-transit, and Speeki case managers can only access messages on a need-to-know basis.

Speeki Messaging

Speeki is designed to simplify things for you

Collect stakeholder feedback into a safe environment

Whistleblowers can be confident that their reports are taken seriously and handled discreetly.

Leave the difficulties of compliance reporting to Speeki

Speeki takes care of compliance reporting standards, which are challenging to navigate.

Straightforward pricing

Speeki’s simple and transparent pricing structure allows you to pay online, for only the risk areas you need.

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