Explore how stakeholders feel about your ESG programmes

Enrich your ESG compliance culture and engage all employees and stakeholders

Sentiments uses Speeki Survey to provide a versatile way of obtaining feedback from stakeholders on their approaches, feelings, and attitudes concerning your ESG initiatives. Data collected are analysed by Speeki Insights to provide useful pointers to needed actions.

Target surveys to focus on higher risk issues

You determine the target stakeholder group for each survey, wherever you are most concerned about possible negative sentiment. You also control the survey content – zoom in on feelings about specific risks – and survey frequency, to monitor changes in sentiment over time.

Richer data yield better actionable insights

Internal and external feedback gathered through surveys is processed by Speeki’s powerful analytical tools to produce valuable predictive insights. Better understand your stakeholders' needs and concerns to help you mitigate or avoid risks before they grow into crises.

Use survey results to guide ESG improvement

Speeki Survey allows you to assess your employees' knowledge, attitudes, and commitment towards your ESG programme to ensure it stays effective and aids your company's growth. Apply survey and analysis results to help with programme improvement, check internal understanding of ethical behaviour, and indicate training needs.

Monitor long-term trends in your ESG system

Improve your ESG programme through regular gap analyses between desired and current practices. Repeat surveys periodically to monitor the evolving impact of your programme on the experience of employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

Source transformative insights from your stakeholders to drive business growth

Obtain views from many voices

Solicit feedback from stakeholders who would not initiate reporting via other channels. Target groups of particular concern.

Boost employee retention

Understand employee worries through surveys, and act to address issues that may increase turnover.

Bring to light positive signals for business development

Surveys can not only reveal weaknesses, but also highlight strengths that the company can build on.

We help organisations engage more widely with stakeholders

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