More than just a survey tool, Speeki listens, observes and gives actionable data

Speeki Survey

Speeki Survey makes data collection simple and convenient

Customised configuration

Formats are highly flexible – questions can be yes/no, open, scaled, or multiple choice. Easily develop and customise surveys that serve your unique challenges and needs.

Streamlined communications

Consolidate all communications with employees and stakeholders on one platform.

Reduced effort

Speeki’s ready-to-use templates simplify survey creation and deployment.

Speeki Survey

Make it easy to respond to surveys

Straightforward to get started and to use

Sign-up is easy through a mobile app or Web portal. The system is user-friendly with simple and intuitive interfaces to help organise data and create powerful insights. Simple visualisation makes answering and submitting surveys a breeze.

Securely designed to guard anonymity and privacy

Users only need a single login for both surveys and reports of  misconduct. Whistleblowers can choose to remain anonymous in both services to encourage free expression of opinions.

A secure and reliable system houses survey data and information.

Multiple language facility

Conduct surveys in more than 100 different languages using Speeki’s built-in translation tools.

Speeki Survey

Understand how people feel – at scale

Run multiple surveys

Speeki allows surveys to be run in parallel. Address different concerns at the same time, or look at a single issue from different perspectives.

Target groups of any size

Surveys can be sent to as many as 10,000 respondents – and because Speeki collects and collates the results, human effort is minimised.

See the big picture – instantly

Follow up on progress through a real-time dashboard, enabling you to perform timely follow-ups with your audience, all in one place. Stay informed with instant notifications for efficient responses.

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