Speeki Messaging for community and customers

Community and customer reporting that is private and within your control

The community within which you operate can also have a voice to report observations, feedback, complaints or allegations of misconduct directly from their mobile device, app, web or telephone. Speeki provides a closed and private system for reporting – which is much better than public posts on social media.
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The Speeki Messaging system is at the heart of the Speeki Platform and provides a unique technology-driven solution for companies that want to offer their entire community a reporting and whistleblowing system that is easy to use, secure and meets all regulatory requirements.

How it works

Use Speeki Messaging to give members of your community, customers or any member of the public a mechanism to report non-compliance, misconduct and unethical or illegal activity to management safely and securely through their mobile or web devices.

Simply scan a QR code and submit a message

Community members or customers can use the Speeki App, a mobile browser or a web browser to report issues using voice, text or images/files. They can simply scan a unique QR code to identify the company and, with help from our unique digital assistant Nicole, provide an accurate and complete report, anonymously if they prefer (where permitted by law).


Immediate translations saved into the Speeki Platform's case management system

All the information is securely transmitted into your Speeki Platform ready for review and triage. If necessary, it can be immediately translated into your home language to allow you to classify, assign and start a triage process.


Respond, investigate, track, report

Your team can receive the request, action it and respond all through the Speeki Platform. They can engage with the reporter through messaging tools, ask for additional information and provide updates (even if the reporter remains anonymous).

Why use the Speeki Platform to manage reports from your community and customers?

You have control.
Technology driven.
Easy to use.

  • Control. Using a QR code that is unique to your company (that can be placed on a sticker on an entrance, counter, menu etc.) to easily connect people directly to your Speeki system means that you control the messaging and the response. Everything is private to your company, unlike social media (which is clearly open to abuse and fictional submissions).
  • Technology driven. Speeki uses the latest technology to improve usability, security and access. Our ’app-first’ approach allows us to optimise our solutions for mobile devices, and QR codes allow users to easily identify the company or switch between companies.
  • Easy to use. The reporting system is built and integrated into the Speeki App. Any user of the Speeki App can easily complete a report with the help of our digital assistant, Nicole, and send it off from their mobile device, allowing for a seamless experience.
Feature Snapshot

Flexibility and ease of implementation are our trademarks at Speeki

Speeki is built with an app-first design. This means that the primary way to interact with the system is through mobile devices. Being designed ‘app-first’ means the apps actually work, and are not just add-ons to otherwise clunky old technology.
Private messaging
These days, ratings, comments and feedback are usually given in public settings and open to significant abuse. Using a QR code that connects users to a closed and private reporting system keeps you in control.
Flexible hosting
We can host the Speeki Platform with data centre providers that suit your needs in the USA, Europe or Asia. We are flexible to support clients and their hosting requirements.
Fixed and known pricing
We pride ourselves on known and fixed pricing. There are no catches, no additions, no special extras. Our pricing is clear and consistent.
Ongoing development
The Speeki Platform is expanding to be a true platform for all your compliance needs.
Language ready
We focus on having multiple-language capability built into our platform at no extra charge.
Extraordinary support
Between our domain expertise and our experience in implementation, we provide extraordinary support. We are proud of our systems and tools around customer service and our ability to communicate with clients at all times.
We have taken on the challenge of making a feature-rich system simple to use. Don’t make your system over-complex. That is our guiding principle at Speeki.
One platform
Everything is tracked in your Speeki Platform, creating a full audit trail for future reference and tracking. There is no need to operate multiple compliance platforms.
From day one, Speeki has been designed with security in mind. Speeki itself is ISO 27001 certified and has the highest levels of focus on information security.

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