Speeki solutions for annual ethics surveys

Test knowledge.
Test awareness.
Test compliance.

An annual ethics or integrity survey is a great way for companies to get a ‘state of the nation’ view of how effective their compliance programmes are and how well people understand their obligations and requirements.
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Using Speeki, you can prepare and deploy your annual ethics surveys directly from your Speeki Platform into the Speeki App on the mobile devices of every employee and partner across your business.

How it works

Use Speeki Survey to build and deploy your annual ethics survey and track the results in real time.

Set up your survey in the system

Speeki Survey lets you build highly flexible surveys across the whole company or part of it. The Speeki Survey system is highly configurable and is within the Speeki Platform, so you don't have to use outside providers for your survey needs.


Allow employees to submit their answers

Users of the Speeki App can complete and submit surveys through their phones (or web devices). The results will show on your Speeki Platform in real time.


Check results, download data, see trends,
fix gaps

Your team can check the results of the survey and download the data to create insights into compliance programme awareness and requirements.

Why use the Speeki Platform to manage your annual ethics survey?

No development.
Mobile ready.

  • Simple. You can build your own surveys or use our
    pre-prepared ones. Anyone with basic knowledge can build their own survey with branching and other options using a variety of buttons and features.
  • No development. There is no development needed, just the preparation of a survey. Create and edit as many surveys as you like.
  • Mobile ready. The system is built and integrated into the Speeki App. Any user of the Speeki App can complete a survey and send it off from their mobile device.
Feature Snapshot

Flexibility and ease of implementation are our trademarks at Speeki

Check the health of your programme
Build a survey to check the health of your compliance initiatives. Do people understand the requirements?
Test knowledge
Your survey can include some basic testing, where you test the knowledge of people with simple multiple-choice questions. Be as creative as you want with your surveys.
Build your own surveys
You can edit and deploy as many surveys as you like, simply and without further expense.
Mobile ready
The surveys are pushed to the users' Speeki Apps, ready for review and action. Everything is built mobile ready.
Language ready
Build your surveys in multiple languages and use Speeki’s built-in translation ability to help understand requests.
Ready-made forms available
Quickly deploy surveys based on our built-in templates.
Our solution is simple. It’s in the same platform as your other Speeki products. Save everything in one platform and avoid having to use multiple systems that were not specifically built for compliance and may not be mobile ready.
Track everything
Everything is tracked in your Speeki Platform, creating a full audit trail for future reference.
Add instructions
You can send out guidance at the start of the survey, guiding people on how to respond and what your policies are.

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