Speeki solutions for Code of Conduct Awareness

Code of Conduct Awareness

Push your code and compliance policies direct to users of the Speeki App. Speeki can now be your connection between your program and the Speeki App, readily accessible by every employee
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Use Speeki to be the first place that your employees and key stakeholders go to get information about your compliance programme.

How it works

The Speeki Platform supports the deployment and communication of key compliance related codes, policies and procedures to its stakeholders. The Speeki Platform supports the deployment of various key documents direct from the Speeki Platform to the Speeki App on every users mobile phone or web platform.

Upload your key documents into the platform

Upload your documents into the platform that you want people to be able to access through the Speeki App


Deploy the documents from the Speeki Platform to the Speeki App

Push out documents to the app when necessary and change at any time.



Users of the Speeki App can access the documents you put into the platform on their own Speeki App downloadable from the app store.

Why use the Speeki Platform to manage the code of conduct documents?

Simple. No Development. Mobile Ready.

  • Simple. Using our system places all the important documents in one place on everyone’s device. It is a great way to help people access documents quickly.
  • No development. There is no development needed and no training. Easier than Sharepoint and intranets as it keeps all the compliance material in one place.
  • Mobile ready. The system is built and integrated into the Speeki App. Any user of the Speeki App can access the documents as soon as they log in.
Feature Snapshot

Lots of flexibility and ease of implementation are our trademarks at Speeki.

Include as many documents as you like
You can upload and deploy a range of different documents. Your code or key policies.
Rotate different documents to highlight causes
You can even rotate documents for greater visibility and to address certain causes that might be topical or timely.
Mobile ready
Everything is built mobile phone ready, so there is no need to develop anything. Just tell people to access things on the Speeki App.
Language ready
Build your surveys in multi languages and use Speeki’s inbuilt language translation ability to help understand any responses that might involve free text.
Our solution is simple. It is all in your power to control and release documents as you like.
Track all in your Speeki Platform
Everything is tracked in your Speeki Platform creating a full audit trail for future reference and tracking. No need to maintain your own clunky site on the company intranet. You can simply refer people to Speeki.

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