Speeki Solutions for Conflicts Disclosure

Conflicts of Interest disclosures

Speeki can now handle all your conflict of interest disclosure program requirements using our easy to use Speeki Survey products.
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Use Speeki Survey to automate your process to track disclosures and drive people to disclose conflicts

How it works

The Speeki Platform supports Conflicts of Interest programs by allowing you to deploy conflict disclosure requests from the Speeki Platform right to the Speeki App on every users mobile phone or web platform.

Set up your template requests

Speeki Survey lets you build highly flexible templates for conflicts disclosures. One sentence, one paragraph, one page. You choose.


Allow Employees to submit the disclosures on request

Push out new requests annually or allow people to respond when they have an issue that they want to disclose. Both push and pull models are available.


Follow up, respond and track

You can track completion and record attestation for when you (might) need them.

Why use the Speeki Platform to manage your Conflict of Interest disclosure program?

Simple. No Development Mobile Ready.

  • Simple. A disclosure system set up correctly is simple for everyone. It provides your employees a simple mechanism to click confirmations or provide information about their disclosures.
  • No development. There is no development needed, just the preparation of a simple questionnaire used for the request for information on the matter to be disclosed. Create and edit as many as you like.
  • Mobile ready. The system is built and integrated into the Speeki App. Any user of the Speeki App can complete a disclosure and send it off from their mobile device.
conflicts disclosure
Feature Snapshot

Lots of flexibility and ease of implementation are our trademarks at Speeki.

Request as many disclosure requests as you like
Build your request forms and then deploy them. When someone needs to send back a response, they just click on the form from their Speeki App.
Run your disclosure annually
Have all employees made an annual disclosure this year? Have they reported any conflicts? Get their disclosures in one click.
Build your own forms
You can edit and deploy forms as many times as you like. Simple and easy without further expense.
Mobile ready
The forms are pushed to the users Speeki App ready for review and action. Everything is built mobile phone ready.
Language ready
Build your surveys in multi languages and use Speeki’s inbuilt language translation ability to help understand any responses that might involve free text.
Our solution is simple. It is all in your power to control and release conflict disclosure requests.
Readymade forms are available
If you want to deploy using our inbuilt examples, you are free to use our templates.
Track all in your Speeki Platform
Everything is tracked in your Speeki Platform creating a full audit trail for future reference and tracking.

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